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Kansas State Polytechnic receives FAA’s first waiver to a university to fly UAS beyond line of sight

SALINA — Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus has received a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly unmanned aircraft systems beyond the line of sight. It’s the first such waiver granted to a university by the FAA. The FAA certificate to Kansas State Polytechnic’s Applied Aviation Research Center waives

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500 km/h RC Plane

 Model: Big Monster (HJK Speedwings) Speed: 500 Kmh / 308 Mph Engine: Strecker ESC: HV ??? Prop: 12″ x 25″ Centerpiece: ??? Accu: LiPo 16s Take-off weight: ??? Pilot: Dr. Walter Flögel Event: HJK Speed Day in Mettenheim Germany June 2018 Source: YouTube

The post 500

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MIT Chip Upgrade Helps Miniature Drones Navigate

Researchers at MIT, who last year designed a tiny computer chip tailored to help honeybee-sized drones navigate, have now shrunk their chip design even further, in both size and power consumption. The team, co-led by Vivienne Sze, associate professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), and

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DARPA Awards LiquidPiston $2.5M for Rotary Diesel Engine Development

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded LiquidPiston Inc., an advanced internal combustion engine technology company, an additional $2.5 million to continue development of its 30kW X4 rotary diesel engine prototype, bringing DARPA’s total funding of the engine technology to $6M. LiquidPiston received this award after meeting

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Insitu Gets Interior Contract Award for sUAS Services

Insitu has received a first-of-its kind contract from the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) to provide fire suppression services within the contiguous 48 states and Alaska using its ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Per the contract, Insitu will support manned aerial operations Including fire suppression, search and rescue, emergency

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Dropcopter Pollinates 300 Acre Apple Orchard

 With bee populations continuing to decline, farmers, conservationists, and technologists alike are busy searching for a solution to help carry out pollination. A New York-based company recently lent a high-tech hand to assist a local apple orchard pollinate its 300 acres of tasty crops. The Beak & Skiff Apple

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Israeli Drone Crashes in Syria

An Israeli drone crashed in Syrian territory Tuesday evening, as troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad prepared an assault on the rebel-held Quneitra and Daraa. The cause of the Skylark tactical surveillance drone’s fall was not clear, though Syrian sources near Quneitra claim the UAV was shot down. The

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GA-ASI Guardian Concludes Demonstration Flights

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) today announced that the Guardian Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) has concluded the first large-scale demonstration flights in Japan. The demonstration flights, which took place from 10 – 23 May were intended to promote the civil and scientific applications of the RPA. “We thank the

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Position Partners signed on with Klau Geomatics as exclusive distributor of the KlauPPK product in Australia.

Position Partners, Australia’s largest retailer of positioning and geospatial solutions for surveying, mining and civil construction, have partnered with Klau Geomatics to deliver technical training and support, improving the productivity and efficiency of accurate UAV surveying. Klau Geomatics, an innovative Australian technology company, produces the world’s most accurate and

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ANAFI | Musée des Arts & Métiers Paris

What’s better than a flying camera to visit the temple of technological innovations ? Immerse yourself, follow our #ParrotANAFI & Louisa in the Musée des arts et métiers of Paris!

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Missing Man Found By Drone in Norfolk

Peter Pugh, a man who went missing from Brancaster, Norfolk, over the previous weekend was found in the nick of time by a drone user. Pugh, 75, vanished after he left to walk home through a fielded area last Saturday, which resulted in a major search for his whereabouts. Pugh

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Mavic Pro 2 News And Rumors

At 10 AM on July 18th, 2018, DJI will be making a major announcement to the public and press. The event is simply titled “See The Bigger Picture” and was announced with a single mysterious teaser image. Some people think they might be officially announcing a release date for the

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GA-ASI Gets $39M MQ-9 Reaper Marine Corps Services Contract

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, California, has been awarded an undefinitized contract action with a not-to-exceed value of $39,566,023 to provide additional unmanned air system intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance surge support for Marine Corps Task Force Southwest operations in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations (AOR) using

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SRC Partners with Xcel Energy on Drone Detection

SRC, Inc., has announced a partnership with Xcel Energy to deploy state-of-the-art drone detection technology to protect critical infrastructure. Under this partnership, SRC and Xcel Energy will collect actionable data on the low altitude airspace not only for a critical energy center, but also for an airport, railway, inland waterway,

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100m Flying Height Best for Forest Analysis

Scientists with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire recently analyzed effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Systems – that’s drones, to you and me – to collect meaningful information about the health and status of forests. “Remote sensing is learning something about an object without coming

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Ohio to Integrate Drones into Transport Infrastructure

Ohio may soon be using unmanned aerial systems to communicate with smart vehicles and transportation infrastructure to monitor traffic and roadway conditions. As drone numbers soar, DriveOhio’s UAS Center is investing $5.9 million for a three-year study on how to safely fit these aircraft into an already congested airspace. Led

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Pentagon Bans Marines from Using COTS Quadcopters

The US Marine Corps has shelved several new, small drones – at least temporarily – amid a Pentagon ban and assessment on the cybersecurity of commercial, off-the-shelf, unmanned aerial systems, a service spokesman told USNI News. The USMC has been forced to ground COTS, it has been fielding to infantry

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Soar TGE to generate the world’s first fully decentralised global super-map using drones

Leading Australian geospatial mapping technology company Soar has announced their highly anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE) designed to fund the launch of the world’s first decentralised global platform for the distribution of drone content and maps. The TGE will be facilitated by an international consortium of blockchain advisors including Fidem

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