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Inertial Labs Introduces Dual Antenna GPS-Aided INS

Inertial Labs, Inc., a developer and supplier of high-performance Inertial Sensors & Systems, has released an affordable, multi GNSS constellation, 1 cm RTK accuracy dual-antenna GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (INS). The “INS-DL” and the OEM version “INS-DL-OEM” are multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou) GPS-Aided INS that achieve 1 cm Position

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P.1HH HammerHead flies by using satellite navigation systems

Piaggio Aerospace, a leading Italian aircraft manufacturer active in the business aviation and defense and security sectors, today announced the successful accomplishment of the first flight test program, with its remotely piloted P.1HH HammerHead aircraft, aimed at experimenting the satellite control of a MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) system, designed

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United States Government Accountability Office- FAA lacks reliable information about the extent of unsafe use of sUAS in the NAS

Something for the weekend sir, an interesting report – GAO sUAS Report -from the United States Government Accountability Office. Well worth sitting down with a beer and considering. What GAO Found The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) information on the extent of unsafe use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in

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PPK with No-Base Station – Accurate Georeferencing for UAV surveying

Klau Geomatics, industry leader in Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) direct georeferencing technology, announced today their new No-Base-Station high accuracy georeferencing solution for UAVs. This revolutionary new solution is the result of close collaboration between Klau Geomatics and Hexagon’s Geosystems Division, enabling users to conduct Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveying projects

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Mark Watson – NATS and GUTMA

Hannah from NATS the UK’s Air Service Navigation Provider (ASNP) sat down with Mark Watson, Head of UTM service integration and asked him about his position on the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) board. NATS is the UK’s provider of air traffic control services. Each year NATS handle 2.4 million flights

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Lockheed Martin MQ-25 – Video

The Skunk Works purpose-built MQ-25 unmanned tanker concept is designed to deliver robust refueling capability to support our combat strike fighters and extend the range of our aircraft carriers. Our offering builds on our unmanned systems legacy including the RQ-170 to bring proven, low-risk approaches to our design. Source: YouTube/Lockheed

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Italian Power Plant Uses Automated Drone Inspections

 Percepto, developers of on-site autonomous drone systems, announced that Enel, a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global, power, gas and renewables markets, has completed deployment of Percepto’s Sparrow drone system for use at its Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant in Italy. The multipurpose drone platform

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Mixed Reality Drone Racing by Ars Electronica Solutions

 What’s still just a construction site in Kapfenberg, Austria will soon be the world’s most modern stainless steel mill. One of the highlights of the groundbreaking ceremony for voestalpine’s new work was a spectacular mixed reality drone race staged right above the building site by Ars Electronica Solutions. While

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Construction Productivity Software Integrates Drone Imagery

Uplift Data Partners, a data capture pilot platform for enterprise businesses, announced that it has integrated with PlanGrid, a supplier of construction productivity software. Uplift’s 2D and 3D aerial drone imagery is now accessible directly into PlanGrid, giving construction teams a real-time view of job sites and dramatically improving their

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Multirotors give Agriculture a boost

Precision agriculture gets a boost from multirotors

Here at the Roswell Flight Test Crew, we typically focus on the “sexy” applications for rotor drones: flying a First-Person View (FPV) machine over a burning building to support firefighters battling the blaze on the ground below, or using an aerial cinema rig to

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Aerial Photos — Getting Started

Many drone pilots will begin the process of moving from just flying drones to flying drones with some purpose, and there are two directions you can go. For sports and enjoyment, many will head toward drone racing, while others will want to document their flight through photography or videos. We

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Nanuk’s 8 New Case Sizes

From Nanuk:

Plasticase is proud to announce that our development team is hard at work developing 8 new NANUK sizes for launch in 2019. We are adding strategic wheeled sizes to the NANUK case lineup to accommodate larger, bulkier items. The first new cases will begin shipping in

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The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off

Seattle WA (SPX) May 16, 2018 –

Insect-sized flying robots could help with time-consuming tasks like surveying crop growth on large farms or sniffing out gas leaks. These robots soar by fluttering tiny wings because they are too small to use propellers, like those seen on their larger drone cousins. Small

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General Atomics to retrofit MQ-9 Reaper drones

Washington DC (UPI) May 17, 2018 –

General Atomics was awarded a contract on Wednesday by the Defense Department to retrofit MQ-9 Reaper drones.

The contract, from the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, enables General Atomics to retrofit 122 MQ-9 Block 5 Reaper aircraft as apart of a contract worth

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UVify Draco RTF

From UVify:
Draco is the no hassle answer to bring FPV to everyone. Draco’s rugged materials and design make it an incredibly forgiving craft for rookies, while its advanced power train keeps it agile and competitive for the experienced user. Draco is ready for inevitable pilot error by

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Lockheed Martin Stalker XE Upgraded with VTOL Capability

At SOFIC 2018, the International Special Operations Forces Industry Exhibition Conference currently taking place in Tampa, Lockheed Martin announced that Stalker eXtended Endurance (XE) unmanned aerial system (UAS) has been upgraded with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability. This new option gives users greater mission flexibility allowing them to

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