AR Drone 2.0 Upgrade Bearings, Bearing Upgrade – Episode 5

Our NEW store, with shipping to every country on the planet: – for every replacement part, and lots of great mods & upgrades for the AR Drone 2.0! If you liked our old store it’s still online and functional at

Subscribe to my channel! It’s free and will let you know when each week’s upgrade video has been posted, and gives you access to special discounts on those upgrades–current promotions are $5 off any light kit; $2 off a 60beat controller or upgrade tool kit, or $5 off both together; and official Parrot stock battery/charger combos are $5 off their usual price of $53. Leave a note on the purchase saying you’re a subscriber and I’ll issue a refund that reflects the subscriber discount. Check out the home page of my store for current subscriber discounts by clicking here:

Replacing your old stock bushing with upgrade bearings will lessen the jello-effect in your front-facing camera footage, and allow for a smoother and quieter flight. If you need any upgrades or parts seen any of my videos, check out my store.

Prices are typically 20-30% lower than retail pricing, all parts are genuine Parrot, and most shipments go out in less than 24 hours First Class or Priority. Average delivery time is 3 USPS business days (Mon-Sat) in the US. Examples of low pricing: motherboards for under $95, motors for $30, and the upgrade blue tool kit at a lower price than you would pay for the standard yellow kit.

Subscribe to my channel, I’ll have a new video each week for repairs, upgrades, and flight recordings. Upcoming videos include superior drone apps, increased control and responsiveness with the 60Beat controller, and how to use a wifi extender/repeater to increase your maximum range.

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