AR Drone 2.0 Upgrade Central Cross Install How To – Sports Cross Tutorial – Episode 36 HD

Read 3 post-production notes BEFORE install:

1. Don’t over-tighten screws into the cross legs — if you screw in too hard it could damage a leg.

2. When installing motors onto Sports Cross — don’t use PH1 bit with stock sharp-end screws on the bottom side of the motors when screwing in motors as it says in the video — use the PH0 bit with the flat-end thin screws provided with the Sports Cross.

3. Motor mounts are no longer pre-installed in the Sports Cross kit. To install them, simply screw them in the same way the legs are screwed into the center ring — don’t remove the screws that already screwed in, just place motor mount over the two screws and screw in tightly. This way the head of the screw will be on the underside of the leg, as you can see in the opening 3 seconds of this video. Do not remove these pre-screwed-in screws, as they’re already between the wiring. If you pull them out you’ll have to navigate the screws back through the wiring which is unnecessary and risks damaging the wiring.

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Yes, the Episode 1 Remake from earlier this week was just a part of this video edited out. This week took longer because there were some stinkers we had to test out before this cross, it slowed us up a few days. Also we were delayed because some video files got corrupted, which is why the zip tie mod disappear halfway through the cross removal segment. We had to reshoot that part with a new drone, continuity suffered. And my forehead is NOT actually death brown, for some reason the lighting or the camera or something is making me look really really unhealthy. Truth be told I am unhealthy, but my forehead isn’t bad banana colored. I guess that’s why the pros wear makeup lol.

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