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209 Ben Harber’s XB-70 Valkyrie!

In 2017, Ben Harber started an epic project to build a giant XB-70 in foam board. Here’s a conversation about it.

We’re all for making huge, hilariously large, ambitious airplane projects to push our personal boundaries and see what’s possible. With a handful of tools and some basic

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CACI Gets $80M US Navy C-UAS R&D Task Order

CACI International Inc. has announced that it was awarded a five-year $80.5 million task order supporting the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center’s (DOD IAC) multiple-award contract (MAC). CACI will provide advanced engineering research, analysis, and development of mission technology to

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ATA LLC Addresses Low Level Airspace Awareness Challenges

The systems required to safely coordinate unmanned traffic management (UTM) operations below 400 feet above ground level (AGL) between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), drone operators, and other stakeholders remains a work-in-progress. According to the joint FAA and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) UTM CONOPS 2.0,“Integration of low-altitude UAS

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Brazilian Army Considers Loitering Munitions and Armed UAVs

The Brazilian Army is seeking to adopt unmanned combat tactical effectors such as loitering munitions and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The army is conducting preliminary studies that are expected to culminate with the publication of requirements for such systems over the next few years, Lieutenant Colonel Leonardo Gomes Saraiva,

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US Air Force Counter UAS Mission in UAE

Specialists with the U.S. Air Force 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron provide base defense at Al Dhafra Air Base from threats posed by Unmanned Aerial Systems using a 5-pound radar gun-like device. “Our mission is to detect and defeat all UAS threats,” explained Master Sgt. Manuel Santiago, counter-UAS noncommissioned officer

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Skyports Tests Drone Services in Massachusetts

Skyports has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Aeronautics Division to demonstrate how its drone services could link communities across the Cape Cod region in Massachusetts, USA. MassDOT is investigating the uses of drones as a solution to connecting its remote communities to everyday services such as healthcare

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ANA delivery trail in Japan

ANA: Very 1st demo experiment of drone take-off and landing during scheduled flights and delivery of medicine following official guidelines Last June, the Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism published “Guidelines for the delivery of medicines by drone.”

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Aerit, ICAx, and RISE team up for drone delivery pilot in Norrtälje Municipality archipelago

Today, Aerit announces it will pilot drone delivery services to the Swedish archipelago in collaboration with ICAx, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and Norrtälje municipality. The announcement follows selection of the project for funding by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova via the “Drones in Service of the Climate for Autumn

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Dawn Aerospace – RPA Pilot

Dawn Aerospace is recruiting a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA — sometimes called UAV) pilot to join our flight operations team in New Zealand. We’re looking for someone with an adventurous spirit who can support us as we push the envelope. This is a unique opportunity to join an exciting, fast-growing

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The biggest airspace change ever implemented in the UK

Reducing emissions equivalent to 3,500 homes worth of CO2 per year Enables 500,000 nautical miles of flying saved per year – equivalent to 23 trips around the world Free Route Airspace enables shorter routes and key driver in delivering ‘net zero by 2050′ NATS has today implemented the biggest

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Hillson FH 40 Slip Wing Hurricane

The Hillson Bi-mono was a British experimental aircraft of the 1940s. It was designed to test the idea of “slip-wings”, where the aircraft could take off as a biplane, jettison the upper, disposable wing, and continue flying as a monoplane. A single example was built, which successfully demonstrated jettisoning of

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Insitu Pacific to Test Lithium Sulphur Batteries

Li-S Energy has signed an agreement with Insitu Pacific to integrate and test Li-S Energy’s innovative battery technology in Insitu’s range of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). Located in Brisbane, Insitu Pacific was established in 2009 and serves defence customers across the Asia Pacific region and commercial customers globally. Insitu Pacific

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Ascendance Flight Technologies Unveils Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

After three years of R&D, the French start-up Ascendance Flight Technologies builds on the virtues of hybrid technology and distributed propulsion to develop sustainable air travel solutions unveiling the design of ATEA, its 5-seater vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Conceived to operate in peri-urban areas and within regions thanks to

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Stanford Engineers Create Perching Bird-Like Robot

Like snowflakes, no two branches are alike. They can differ in size, shape and texture; some might be wet or moss-covered or bursting with offshoots. And yet birds can land on just about any of them. This ability was of great interest to the labs of Stanford University engineers Mark

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Liteye and Unmanned Experts Partner to Address Drone Swarms

Liteye Systems, based in Denver Colorado, has partnered with Unmanned Experts Inc. to provide the hardware components to ruggedize the new AIR COMMONS – SWARM, drone swarm asset planning, management, and control system. AIR COMMONS SWARM technology enables command and control tasking, mission planning, and generation of a “Swarm Air

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Inertial Labs Announces the Acquisition of MEMSENSE, a Global Supplier for MEMS-Based Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Paeonian Springs, VA: Inertial Labs is an industry leading developer and supplier of orientation, inertial navigation, and optically enhanced sensor modules has acquired MEMSENSE, a developer of inertial measurement units that lead the market in performance and value. Inertial Labs & MEMSENSE have an experienced and talented workforce to address

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Skyborne graduates start new drone pilot career with Flyby Technology

Gloucestershire, UK – 2 December, 2021: Skyborne Airline Academy is celebrating the achievements of two graduates who have successfully secured commercial drone pilot jobs with Flyby Technology and are currently supporting operations for an NHS trial. In July 2020, Skyborne announced a unique partnership with Flyby Technology, the leader in

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Swoop Aero and UAVAid enter a strategic partnership in Sierra Leone

UAVaid and Swoop Aero have entered into a strategic partnership for air logistics services in Sierra Leone. Swoop Aero’s autonomous eVTOL aircraft will be integrated in UAVaid’s mixed-fleet drone offering in Sierra Leone and complement UAVaid’s long-range fixed-wing HANSARD drones. “As sustainable drone logistics continues to cement its place in

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Swiss start-up Dpendent joins the Drone Logistics Ecosystem

Lausanne, Switzerland, Dpendent LLC is announcing its participation as a new member to the Drone Logistics Ecosystem. Dpendent’s engineering team has developed an automated robotic battery swap, payload swap and refueling landing station concept, with the potential to be used in the drone cargo delivery industry. In particular, the company

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Skyfire Supports FAA Determination to Allow Training Missions Under a COA

Skyfire Consulting (Skyfire) (, the most trusted and experienced public safety UAS consulting group, today announced its support of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) determination that training missions conducted under a Certificate of Authorization (COA) are permitted by Public Aircraft Operators. While there has not been a change to the

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SwissDrones and CLS Deploy for Maritime Operations

SwissDrones, a company that develops, manufactures and operates long-range unmanned helicopter systems for commercial and public safety applications, and CLS, a pioneer in satellite-based monitoring and surveillance solutions, connecting from space SwissDrones UAVs, are bringing together the power of satellite data with the agility of unmanned aerial drones. The result:

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AeroVironment Gets $4M sUAS Contract for US Ally

AeroVironment, Inc. has announced that it received a $4,151,320 firm-fixed-price U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract award on Sept. 27, 2021 to provide Puma 3 AE and Wasp AE small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), initial spares packages, training and support to an allied nation. Delivery is anticipated

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Japan-Based DRONE FUND Invests in Wingcopter

German drone delivery pioneer Wingcopter has announced that it has received an investment from DRONE FUND. DRONE FUND is a Japan-based venture capital company specializing in drone- and air mobility-related startups. The investment is made out of DRONE FUND’s JPY 10 billion/USD 90 million strong third fund, called DRONE

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Test Flights for Urban Air Mobility Deployment in Poland

A first series of test flights with drones got underway in November in Rzeszów, Poland, as part of the SESAR JU Uspace4UAM large-scale demonstration. The project is receiving funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and is part of the SESAR JU’s

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SwissDrones and CLS Group deploy for maritime operations

Zurich, Switzerland and Toulouse, France – Vast, remote, and often subjected to dangerous conditions, the world’s oceans are fertile ground for a range of illicit activities. Because they are so difficult to monitor, pollution, human trafficking, smuggling, terrorism, illegal fishing, and piracy are all daily occurrences on the open

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