Best Quadcopter Drone for Beginners: Flies circles around Air Hogs Helix X4!

Extremely agile WLToys V212 Quadcopter drone. About $45 ready to fly. Yes this also does flips: click show more!

Learn to fly a quadcopter here: teaching beginners the basics of flying quadcopters.

I tried to keep it close for the video, but this quad has very good range. This is the WLToys 6-axis V212 quadcopter drone. It’s a much better quadcopter than the Air Hogs Helix X4. Cheaper too! Very fun and addictive quad! If you look you may find even cheaper quadcopters, but the 6 axis stabilization of the WLToys V212 make this a very smooth flyer and is the best IMO for beginners, Yet it can be very nimble and enjoyable to fly even for advanced flyers. It even has cool UFO lights for night flying (and scaring your neighbors).

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