Cape Town, South Africa by Drone

Amazing Drone videos of Cape Town.

The day in the life of a Capetonian drone!

This aerial drone video captures some of the most majestic, scenic drone footage in Cape Town. It travels from in land, capturing the beautiful Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Rhodes Memorial.

Then out to the picturesque Long Beach, Cape Town, where the drone hangs out with some surfers at the 2014 Billabong Junior Series.
Next the drone video heads up the coast, capturing a rare Great White Shark snap at bait and a striking shipwreck. The aerial video ends on the famous Camps Bay for sunset.

The evening dawns and the drone footage captures the Cape Town Carnival 2015, where the aerial video has a front row seat to motorbikes, dancers and fabulous floats take to the street. Close to 55,000 people flock to the Green Point Fan walk in Cape town to participate in the Carnival. More than 2000 performers line the streets and the procession includes a swarm of jellyfish, a giant African elephant and mother earth floats. The 2015 carnival featured performances by south African music artist included ProVerb and Liezel van der Westhuizen,

The best aerial video and drone footage of the iconic Cape Town from morning, to a magical, festive evening.

Cape town is home to some of the best surfing, at beaches like Camps bay or Muizenberg beach, catch these surfers from a drone.

Cape Town is home to many amazing sights and sounds. Let this drone video take you on a short trip to see some of them.

The drones and quadcopters used to make this video are primarily the DJI Phantom 2 vision, the Phantom 3 and the DJI Inspire 1.

Music Credit:
“Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men

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Drone Captures Birds Eye View Of Cape Town

Eric Cheng

2014 Billabong Junior Series, Cape Town, from Drone

Surge Point Pictures
A compilation of drone footage shot during the Cape Town leg of the 2014 Billabong Junior Series. All footage captured on the gopro3 using the Phantom drone expertly piloted by the skillful Brad Grobler. There isnt a wave bigger than 1.5ft in the entire clip, but when the talents of the pilot and the surfers synchronize, its impressive none the less!

Drone Tourists Have More Fun! Cape Town South Africa – More Than Just Aerials

An aerial tourist can have experiences previously only afforded by ‘high-flyers’ in helicopters. Cape Town’s amazing sights seen from above are mind blowing. This ‘drone’ is not evil. First Person Views shared with surfers, kids, teachers, joggers and tourists on the ground were fun for everyone. The ‘drone’ is an r/c model airplane with on-board cameras

Flying Drone in Camps Bay, Cape Town

Drone-R South Africa
First attempt in making a video with my Dji Phantom 2 Drone. Amateur video

Cape Town Carnival Drone Footage – SkyEye DroneWorx

Anton Schutte
Cape Town Carnival on 14-03-2015

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