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Terra Drone India undertakes digital preservation of 16th-century monument

Hyderabad-based drone startup Terra Drone India has successfully completed a multi-sensor, multi-platform scanning of internationally recognized landmark Charminar. Built in 1591, the monument, which is often called as ‘Arc de Triomphe of the East’, suffered significant damage in May 2019 when a huge chunk of lime-plaster from its south-west minaret

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5G!DRONES – EU H2020 Project

5G!DRONES aim is to trial several UAV use-cases covering eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC 5G services, and to validate 5G KPIs for supporting such challenging use-cases. The project will drive the UAV verticals and 5G networks to a win-win position, on one hand by showing that 5G is able to guarantee

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Robotic Skies and Trumbull Unmanned Partner on Global UAS Operations

Robotic Skies Inc., the only global maintenance network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and Trumbull Unmanned, a leader in data and automation in energy and government, announce their partnership to support Trumbull’s global UAS operations through the Robotic Skies service center network. As both organizations continue to expand, they

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Plowman Craven Gets UK Network Rail UAV Contract

Plowman Craven, a UK survey measurement and consultancy firm, has been awarded a coveted place on a national framework agreement with Network Rail for the provision of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) services. Plowman Craven was one of just four companies to be awarded the contract which covers the

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Counter UAS On-The-Move

The X-MADIS is a fully integrated counter UAS system that detects, locates, tracks, identifies and defeats sUAS. With an integrated all-threat tactical air surveillance radar, gyro-stabilized optical sensor (EO and MWIR imagery), C2 interface and Electronic Warfare System, the X-MADIS provides a complete “soft-kill” solution to combat the growing threat

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Picterra and Flying Labs Collaboration

Picterra and the Flying Labs from WeRobotics have announced a new collaboration. Picterra adds an AI-analytic layer to support the Flying Labs in their mission of accelerating and scaling local drones-for-social good solutions in emerging economies. Flying Labs’ members currently work on a broad and diverse range of projects,

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Low Pass Fighter Footage

Extreme sonic booms and low flying planes compilation. Planes flying at insane speeds. Breaking the sound barrier. Faster than the speed of sound. High powered aircraft doing amazing things.Planes flying very low and very fast. Fastest low flying jets. Patriot Tower Pass – California Capital Airshow (Warhawk05) Patriots Jet Demo

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Spanish Architects Use Mud-Spraying Drones To Build Home

A Spanish Architecture firm MuDD has used drones that spray a cement-like substance onto fabric to construct lightweight structures. The method eliminates the need for expensive construction equipment and could be used, not only to create temporary shelters in humanitarian disaster areas but also large structures in modern cities in

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Amazon Prime Air Unveils New Delivery Drone Design

During Amazon’s re:MARS Conference (Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space) in Las Vegas, the company unveiled its latest Prime Air drone design. Amazon has been actively working to build fully electric UAS that can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds to customers in less than

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Plug Power Buys UAV Fuel Cell Specialist EnergyOr

Plug Power Inc., a provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions enabling e-mobility, today announced the acquisition of EnergyOr’s technology, assets, and personnel. EnergyOr is based in Montreal, Canada, and is the leader in advanced lightweight and compact PEM hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) systems for robotics, small scale material handling

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Energy-Efficient Data Routing in Cooperative UAV Swarms

A new energy-efficient data routing algorithm developed by an international team could keep unmanned aerial vehicle swarms flying—and helping—longer, according to a report just published by an international team of researchers. UAV swarms are cooperative, intercommunicating groups of UAVs used for a wide and growing variety of civilian and military

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Asleep At The Bait And Switch

What’s that you say? The industry can’t take off until we can file and fly BVLOS? Most of the time it is really only EVLOS with VOs, unless you have some serious money and a kennel full of DC lobbyists. After this story, you might be justified in asking for

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Sky-Futures are recruiting – come and join our team

Sky-Futures was recently acquired by ICR Integrity, a global oil and gas integrity and maintenance business. This exciting next step in our journey has not only developed the Sky-Futures operating footprint but has spawned new opportunities to grow the business. With more work comes a need for more pilots

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Australia – Have we reached ‘Peak Drone’​? How will the drone services landscape change in the next 12-24 months?

James Rennie According to Goldman Sachs the drone industry will be worth US$100bn globally by 2020, and similar figures have been estimated by the other consulting firms and described as ‘the next Internet’. Drones have been radically changing how businesses and government agencies operate: saving money, improving safety, and providing

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Trump Wants More Spent on UAS

The White House has just published this Letter from the President to the House Committee on Financial Services and the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Dear Madam Chairwoman: (Dear Mr. Chairman) In accordance with section 303(a)(6)(A) of the Defense Production Act of 1950,

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Honeywell to Supply Radar System for UAM Prototype

Honeywell has signed an agreement with an unnamed air taxi developer to supply multiple units of its new IntuVueTM RDR-84K Band Radar System for the developer’s urban air mobility (UAM) prototype aircraft. The innovative, compact and lightweight software-based radar detects multiple obstacles in and around its flight path and is

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