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Angola Buys Aksungur Combat Drone from Turkey

Angola has recently purchased the Aksungur combat drone from Turkey, a move that is sure to bolster the country’s defense capabilities. Angola will be the new user of AKSUNGUR Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), developed by Turkey, Ömer Yıldız, Deputy General Manager of TUSAŞ UAV Systems said this to CNN

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What is the Best Drone Defeat Technique?

What technique best defeats rogue drones? This question has surged into importance as threats from drones—becoming more and more capable and accessible—continue to increase dramatically. Counter-drone technologies are evolving quickly to stay ahead of the threat, offering capabilities to detect, identify, track—and sometimes defeat—rogue drones using various technologies. Whether to

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Verity Raises $32M as IKEA Deploys its Inventory Drones

Verity AG (Verity), creators of the first commercially successful inventory tracking solution powered by fully autonomous indoor drones, today announced completion of a 30M CHF ($32M USD) Series B funding round. The investment was led by A.P. Moller Holding with participation from Exor Ventures and existing and new investors. This

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Taiwan unveils portable attack drone as China tensions rise

Taichung, Taiwan (AFP) March 14, 2023 –

Taiwan unveiled its first portable attack drone on Tuesday, an unmanned aerial vehicle similar to a US model used in Ukraine’s fight against Russia, as China steps up military pressure on the island.

Taiwan’s 23.5 million people live under constant threat of an invasion

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Wingcopter and ZAL to Develop Hydrogen Power for Delivery Drones

Wingcopter, the German developer and operator of delivery drones, and Hamburg-based ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research GmbH have announced a development partnership. Together, they intend to explore the potential of green hydrogen to power Wingcopter’s drones, which are already purely electric, and develop a sustainable, hydrogen-based propulsion system. The

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