DJI Phantom flyaway and crash – 20140126

accident with quadcopter dji phantom. all pre-flight required cheking were made, including compass calibration. enough time was given so the gps would accquire more than six sats and lock home position. almost entire flight in gps mode. i tried to switch to attitude mode when it started acting crazy, but could not achieve proper control over the quad. home lock mode aslo did not work. it was not far when the problem started. pretty close, indeed. it simply started going backwards, over the streets and did not seem to respond properly to any commands. after a while, i thought i had it back in control, but it suddenly hid behind the building. as i could not see it, i tried making it go up, in order to make it pass over the building. then it started to come to my direction (failsafe finally?), but hit the side of the building.

possible cause other than bad pilot: possible EMI (wifi? cell phones? i do not really know)

lesson: never again use it in the city!!!

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