DJI Phantom FPV – Disney

Family vacation to Disney so of course I brought my Phantom. I have been flying my Phantom less and less since I built my QAV400 and FPV Flip quads. But those are tougher to travel with. The Phantom just fits right in my suitcase packed with clothes (once I take off the props and the legs). Its perfect for trips like this. Unfortunately, my props weren’t all that well balanced and I got a bit of jello in this vid. Filmed from the Polynesian resort at Disney World in Orlando. You can see the Magic Kingdom in the distance beyond the lake with Cinderella’s castle center and Space Mountain to the right and the Grand Floridian resort on the left of the lake. .

This video was made for our friendly “Video a week” contest over on the ArDrone-Flyers forum.

DJI Phantom
GoPro Hero3 Black recorded in 1080p/60fps
Stock tx/rx
Fatshark 100mw 5.8 ghz video transmitter from
usb cable to fatshark from
Cloverleaf and skew planer CP antennas from IBcrazy
Dominator goggles with fatshark receiver module

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