First Suicide caught on video with a DJI Phantom Drone?

Is this the first Suicide caught on video with a DJI Phantom Drone?

The footage was filmed at Kinnoull Hill, Perth, Scotland on 21/01/2015.

I was unaware of the woman and man standing on the cliff edge behind the tower while filming. Only when editing this video I was shocked.

Watch as the man steps right onto the cliff edge and at any moment could slip and fall to his instant death. The cliff falls vertical down 100 foot.

I really do hope that this did not end in disaster for either of them and will check the news in the coming days…..

This would not be the first suicide at this location. The summit has become well known a location for suicides over the years.

In January 2002, Daniela Smith, a 31-year-old mother-of-two, pushed her two infant children off the hill’s summit while they were strapped in their pushchair, before throwing herself off. Their bodies were discovered on a ledge about 100 feet below the summit on 15 January.

Also in 2014 two bodies on the same day were discovered. They were not related however and both jumped to their deaths.

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**First Person View (FPV) Screen**
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