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The “Dummyproof” FPV racer for everyone!
Flex-RC Owl Storm Edition Ready to Fly with BeeRotor BRF3 Flight Controller (CleanFlight software)
People like the fun of FPV racing but don’t like repairing them, how about something more fun and less “backstage” work product?

Meet the Flex-RC Owl Storm Edition, it is a compact size box shape FPV racer specially made for indoor flying, using 3″ propeller and weigh under 250 g (175 g without battery, 241 g including battery), makes it safe to operate and does not require UAS registration to fly, it’s a causal FPV aircraft for everyone, very easy to fly, you can fly it indoor or outdoor, you can even fly it in your house! Propeller and equipment are protected inside the 2mm carbon fiber frame, when the drone hit an obstacles it just bounce back like a RC car on the floor, we’re never seen a aircraft act like this, it gives you pure enjoyment without the downtime for replacing propellers and repairing, we LOVE it so much!

Utilizing the lightweight and powerful Storm M1306 3100kv motor, LittleBee Pro 20A X 4 ESC and HQ 3 x 3 x 3 tri-blade propellers running on 4S battery, sit tight and experience the shockingly high speed from the monstrous power system. We fly it around the warehouse (with speed!), going thru tight space and explore new places, the 140° camera works great in low light, so we keep on flying it without crashing, go anywhere, fly anywhere, it’s truly a unique and addictive FPV racer for everyone (especially for beginners).


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