How to Setup the Wonder Chopper Drone Instructional Video Tutorial

This is the official eWonderWorld Wonder Chopper Drone instructional video tutorial on how to setup and start flying the drone. In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of how to do everything from beginning to end.

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Once you received your drone, remove all contents from the packaging.
You should have the following items:
2 Sets of Replacement Blades
2 Gray Joysticks
Remote Control
2 Li-Ion Batteries
Landing Pad
USB Charging Cable
Drone Instructions
1. First charge the drone batteries.
a. The first battery is located under the drone.
b. Remove the battery from the drone and connect it to the USB Port via the provided USB Cable.
c. You will notice the red light will be off once the battery is connected.
d. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn solid red.

2. While the drone battery is charging, you can assemble the remote.
a. You will need 6 AA Batteries and the 2 Gray Joysticks
b. Locate the holes on the top of remote and insert both gray joysticks in them.
c. Make sure you push them all the way through (should be a snug fit)
d. Then unclip the back of the remote to insert 6 AA batteries.
e. Now your remote is ready for use.

3. Once the battery is fully charged, you can connect it to the drone.
a. Turn the drone over and insert the battery into the battery casing.
b. Make sure the battery cables are pointing right.
c. After you have connected the cables together, tuck the cables under the drone to avoid the cables from hitting the blades.
d. You will notice the lights on the drone will be on.
e. Now your drone is ready for use.

4. Place your drone on the floor in front of you.
5. Then Turn the remote switch on.
6. Move the throttle stick up
a. until you hear a long beep
b. now the remote is synced to your drone

7. You are ready to fly your drone!

How to Do the 360 Degree Flip?
Your drone must be airbourne in order to perform the 360 degree flip.
a. Once your drone is airbourne, locate the 360 button on the bottom right of the remote.
b. Simply press that button and your drone will do the 360 flip.

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