See this OCTOCOPTER carry the FS700:

Multirotor Parts and Gear:

Avroto LIFT Series Motors:
3515 400kv:
-Water proof high temperature windings allow for operation in extreme climates and help prevent overheating during extreme use.
-High Quality Oversized ABEC 5 German made bearings for smooth, reliable, long lived operation under harsh conditions.
-Next generation shaft: Collar for consistent shaft set depth. Internal threading for adjustable security retaining screw.
-Double shaft screws in the bell to eliminate slippage.
-High heat, high strength neodymium magnets.
-Incredibly precise hand winding.
-Massive omni-directional cooling vents make LIFT series some of the coolest running motors in their class.
-Reinforcement coating to protect windings from debris.
-Epoxy coated stator plates to prevent shorts.
-Narrow base to fit most motor mounts.
-Hardware included for dual prop attachment methods for 3-hole and standard props.
-Extra secure lead wire attachment to prevent shorting.
-Dynamic balancing with the highest quality blue balancing paste.
-Stators made with ultra-thin Japanese .2mm laminations for maximum efficiency.
-Industry leading quality assurance checks.
Every LIFT series motor is hand checked for quality in Ohio, USA before being approved for sale.

Rock West Composites Carbon Tubes:

Vibration Isolators:

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