Inside America: Do American Drones Eradicate of Increase Terror?

By Namo Abdulla

Unmanned aerial vehicles -commonly known as drones- have once again become the subject of a heated debate here in the United States and across the globe.

The United States says they are an effective tool to eradicate terrorists in the rural areas of Pakistan and Yemen.

But two recently published reports by the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International say that drones have not only killed scores of civilians but also caused terror among the tribal populations caught between radical militants and American drones haunting them.

So are drones the best tool to fight terror? Do they eradicate it or increase it?

To discuss the subject, Rudaw talks to:

– Andrea Prasow, a senior counter-terrorism counsel and advocate at the Human Rights Watch in Washington, DC. She investigates and analyzes US counter-terrorism policies and practices.

– Daniel Green, a political analyst at the Washington Institute, focusing on Yemen, Afghanistan and al-Qaeda.

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