“MARINER” DRONE First Flight Tutorial, filmed on Helideck of 200ft MegaYacht in St Maarten!

You asked for it, so here it is… the new “MARINER” Waterproof DRONE First Flight Tutorial! And we wanted to do something unique for this tutorial, so we launched the “MARINER” Drone from the helideck of a Megayacht in St Maarten, SXM, in the CARIBBEAN!

Yes, the video is 22minutes long, but out of necessity… there are plenty of tricks and tips in this video for inspired new drone pilots… Last year there were thousands if not 10’s of thousands of personal drones sold around the world.. in the next few years I’m sure that will grow into the millions, so in the face of impending government restrictions and regulations, it is time to start training our next generation of drone pilots how to operate these remarkable machines in a safe and appropriate manner… so if you can’t spare 22minutes just to watch an informative and entertaining video that will serve you to that effect, then you likely should NOT buy a drone, because these machines are not something should be in the hands of an impatient person! 😉

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the array of spectacular scenery intermixed with plenty of informative tips on how to make your first flight a successful one.. and lets all keep it fun for everyone! 🙂

Lots more videos still coming, so stay tuned and make sure and subscribe if you aren’t already… You’ll see us out there, if we don’t see you first! 😉

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For information on the new “MARINER Waterproof Drone, email us at [email protected] and visit http://www.AmbientRealLife.com where you’ll be able to purchase them soon in our online store!

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caribbean, sailing, st maarten, sxm, british virgin islands, bvi, tourism, real estate, property, travel, sailors, ambient real life.

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