“Mariner” Drone w/WATERPROOF FPV!! DON’T try this with your DJI Phantom or Inspire!

At long last I have finally tried and tested my new WATERPROOF FPV (First Person View) system on our “MARINER” Waterproof Drone.. and it worked! But whatever you do, DON’T try this with your DJI Phantom or Inspire 1 quadcopters or you will very quickly see them sink like a stone! 😉

What this means is now we can fly in fully waterproof mode, and simultaneously see the view from the GoPro camera on the drone with our screen on the ground, even if the GoPro is underwater! This is a customized system I have modified/built myself from existing parts, but I’m sure now that we’ve proven it can work, you will be hearing more about it in future production models… and hopefully hearing about a waterproof gimbal option in near future also! 😉

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