New Storm Drone 4 V2 –

Evolved from the legendary Storm Drone – the Multipurpose Flying Platform
Introducing the All New Storm Drone 4 V2
For all these years, the Storm Drone 4 has a clear positioning – a Simple and Versatile flying platform, an entry class drone which is durable for first time flyer, it’s easy to fly, easy to repair and able to do mild aerial filming. It’s time for the Storm Drone 4 to move forward, and here it is, Helipal proudly present to you the All New Storm Drone 4. With years of experience, Storm put some great thoughts and upgrades on this little drone, sounds good to be true but we think it’s the perfect Fun Drone for everyone, no matter you are a first time flyer or expert, the New Storm Drone 4 V2 gives you the confident, to have 100% control over your finger tips as if you were riding on a tamed horse, it does exactly what you want. Storm has put some magic on this little fella, we highly recommend the New Storm Drone 4 V2 for those who forgets how a Fun Drone should be, for those who forgets why flying a Fun Drone in the first place, the New Storm Drone 4 will put a smile on your face again.

It’s aTrainer , Aerial Filming and FPV Drone All-in-One Flying Platform
Thanks to the upgraded power system, the New Storm Drone 4 is a versatile platform for lots of different tasks. For beginners, you can put the big sponge balls on the arms for practicing, they may look funny and trust me, they are perfect for beginners, help the drone to take 2-3 meters drop, absorb all the damage and keep the drone from tipping over and damaging the props, once the beginners get better, you can remove the balls and start putting a GoPro on it and do some easy aerial filming, now this part is another big advantage of the New Storm Drone 4, Storm has picked the right combination of Motors and Propellers, all arms’s vibration will be leveled out by each other, leaving the main frame a Vibration Free platform, it’s like magic, you just strap your GoPro on the frame, don’t need to worry any vibration or water wave effect (Jello Effect) in the video which always happens on other drones, the New Storm Drone 4 has it sorted out! So after a while you want to try some easy FPV, no problem, inside the New Storm Drone 4 there are some JST connectors with 11.1V power supply, use them to power up your gadgets, without the need of soldering, how about that? Easy enough?

Easy to Fly, Easy to Repair – the idea of “Plug and Play”!
Another best thing is the “Plus and Play” idea, if the drone crashed and broke an arm, don’t worry, if you have a spare arm on hand, just replace with the new one, connect the plugs accordingly and you can fly again, it’s a quick fix, no soldering is needed, everything is done with connectors.

We recommend the New Storm Drone 4 V2 for everyone!
If you’re looking for a first drone for outdoor practice, consider the New Storm Drone 4, which has the best price tag, easiest to repair and most durable design. For those advanced players who is tired of the boring slow flying and aerial filming drones which has a lot “rules”, it’s start to recall how a “RC Drone” should be, the New Storm Drone 4 gives you the pure joy of Fun Flying – “This is how a RC Drone should be!”

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