Parrot CES 2015 Recap

Parrot unveiled several exciting & innovative products and solutions at CES 2015.

Products shown in the video:
Parrot Pot
Parrot H2O
Parrot Zik Sport
Parrot Zik 2.0
Parrot Automotive RNB6 concept and more
Parrot Bebop Drone & Skycontroller
Parrot New Minidrones
senseFly eXom
senseFly eBee

For more information about Parrot, go to:

Regarding Parrot Automotive RNB6 project: RNB6 project was showcased at CES Las Vegas in January 2015, watch video: This infotainment system was selected by several automakers who envision to integrate it in their next-generation car models next year and beyond. As of today there is no plan to sell RNB6 in Aftermarket channels as RNB6 embedded technologies require deep integration with car series and manufacturers.

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