Parrot FreeFlight 3 – New Features for Flight Plan & Security

Discover amazing new features in your Freeflight update 3.9 version !

An advanced Flight Plan, more precise than ever:

Point of Interest
This new feature allows you to set a specific location such as a building or an object as a Point of Interest in Flight Plan app. Your Parrot Bebop will adapt its orientation during the waypoints to keep the POI in the field of view while you record the perfect shots.

Progressive Course
This feature allows you to set a progressive course between two waypoints in Flight Plan app. Your Parrot Bebop drone will progressively modify its orientation for better smooth videos.

That’s not all.
The 3.9 version also offers a more secured connection to your drone with the Secure Link and the possibility to activate the Banked Turn mode for a sporty flight behavior.

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