SRD180 Storm Racing Drone First Flight –

Built for both Indoor and Outdoor Flying
Storm Racing Drone SRD180 – Ready to Fly Edition
The SRD180 is developed with one thing in mind – Convenience. We want something that is small to fly inside a abandoned warehouse or carpark yet it has to be powerful enough for open ground high speed flying, so Storm Factory adopted the SRD250 Pro platform and made it smaller, using the Storm 4S Power System and the result is encouraging. The SRD180 is a palm size racing drone with powerful Storm M1306-2100kv Motor and 4045 Propeller, default running with 4S battery, you can use it for some crazy 3D Aerobatics and extremely fast flying, no problem! Real carbon fiber material increase durability and keeping it light weight, and thanks to this light weight, it suffer less damage in a crash. The SRD180 Mini Racer came in a Ready-to-Fly package, tested and fine tuned, it’s not just a cool looking machine, it flies really good as well, and very fast! The CC3D is specially tuned for SRD180, pre-loaded with “Six” flight modes, from beginner to expert, you’ll find the right one that is comfortable to play with. FPV System onboard, you’ll get real time video feeds on FPV Monitor (* sold separately), enjoy Podracing in this Sci-Fi drone.

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