Storm Drone AntiGravity First Flight –

Co-operating with T-Motor, reaching for Maximum Flight Time with best material and radical design
Presenting the Storm Drone AntiGravity w/ NAZA V2 GPS in Ready to Fly Package
Do you want something that can fly longer (at least 30 minutes) yet it is still very easy to transport? The Storm Drone AntiGravity is a light weight, portable 640 class Quadcopter which focus on extended flight time, with the stock 6S 4200mah battery, it can fly for 35 minutes straight (no payload), how’s that for a 640 class RTF Drone?

To reach the record breaking flight time, you need to keep it as light as possible, using only the best material, the frame is full of carbon fiber to keep the weight down, but the real highlight of the is the propulsion system, Storm put T-Motors on it, they are the special edition AntiGravity MN4006-380kv with both T-Motor and Storm logo , extremely light weight (66g each!!) and super efficient, working with Tarot 1555 High Strength Foldable Propellers giving you the extra flight time, this system is a perfect match with this frame.

Storm Drone AntiGravity is well-built and made for everyone, thanks to the smart GPS system, once it’s in mid-air, you can hands off the RC transmitter and it’ll stay there. With such extended flight time, it could do a lot of things, you may put a slim camera on the belly and use it for mapping, carrying a spot light and fly up there as a hovering lighting device, video filming or use it for surveillance, it’s a versatile platform for fun and for work.

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