Storm Moby-X2 Camera Quality Outdoor Flight (w/ WDR) –,Moby-X2

“Micro class racer is great, can we put a big camera on it?”
Sure, why not? Meet the cute little whale Storm Moby-X2

We love the agility and the convenience of 2″ racer, following the footstep of the little champion Loki-X2, the Moby-X2 adopts a complete new design high quality carbon fiber airframe and 7075 aluminum hardware, compatible with the latest generation of big CCD FPV cameras (with Wide Dynamic Range), and remaining a super compact size for both indoor and outdoor flying. Bigger FPV camera (bigger Lens and CCD sensor) works better in both daylight and low-light environment, that means you can fly this 2″ racer at night in the park and still get bright and contrast image like you’ll get from the traditional 5″ FPV racer.

Aside from the big camera , thanks to the spacious room inside the airframe, Storm has put a powerful VTX on the Moby-X2, adjustable output between 25mw / 200mw / 600mw which allows you to change according to different flight situation.

Storm always pick the best combination in building FPV racer, the Moby-X2 share a lot of common feature on the big race drone, this little 2″ racer runs on 4S LiPo which gives you very high speed, very precise and rail-like handling, meanwhile you’ll still get good flight time with 300~400mah LiPo. Specially tuned flight controller parameters made by Storm Racing Team which built the flagship Loki-X5 and Loki-S5, expect nothing less for flight performance. All-up-weight just 89 g (without battery) which is remarkable for a 2″ racer with big CCD camera, and because it’s under 250 g so you have NO NEED for sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) Registration in the US to fly the Moby-X2.

Motor to motor 99mm for 2″ propellers, equipped with F3 Flight Controller, 4-in-1 ESC, 1104-4000kv motors, high quality 150° FPV big CCD camera, adjustable 25mw / 200mw / 600mw VTX, omnidirectional linear 5.8Ghz VTX antenna, warning buzzer and LED light which makes it perfect for both LOS (Line of Sight) and FPV (First Person View) players. Compact frame design has the best C.G. and well balanced in both pitch and roll axis, perfect center of gravity in the middle which is considered a great advantage for freestylers who do some crazy move in speed.,Moby-X2

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