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US Navy Blue Angels at Oshkosh 2017

The US Navy Blue Angels perform a full high show aerobatic demonstration for the first time on Friday at the 2017 EAA AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, WI. Their C-130 Hercules “Fat Albert” did not perform or even fly into Oshkosh because of a safety stand down for the entire C-130T

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China Unveils Two Armed A-Hawk VTOL UAVs

The state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) unveiled two models of its A-Hawk series of strike-capable, reconnaissance vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the 12-16 November Dubai Airshow 2017. The multi-rotor A-Hawk I and A-Hawk II UAVs were marketed at the exhibition as being capable

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China’s Cloud Shadow – Flexible but Short Endurance

A family of jet-powered Cloud Shadow unmanned air systems displayed at the Dubai air show offer a potent mix of high-altitude intelligence-gathering and weapons capabilities – but unusually short endurance, according to specifications released by AVIC. AVIC’s design philosophy breaks from the multi-mission approach used for many Western UAS designs.

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UMS SKELDAR launches new R-350 VTOL platform as part of ‘dynamic duo’ line up with flagship SKELDAR V-200

World-class provider of rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions UMS SKELDAR is using the Dubai Airshow, one of the largest aerospace events in the world, as the launchpad for its new enhanced R-350 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) platform. This ITAR-free light tactical high-performance UAV is unique in its class,

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Leonardo delivers Falco EVO drones to Middle East

Washington (UPI) Nov 14, 2017 –

Leonardo has announced the delivery of its Falco EVO tactical unmanned aerial system to its customers in the Middle East, the company said in a press statement during the Dubai Air Show 2017 exhibition.

The Falco EVO is specifically designed for long range intelligence, surveillance, and

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China Displays Cloud Shadow in Dubai

China’s Avic is presenting a trio of large UAVs in its outside display at the Dubai airshow 2017, all manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft. Alongside the Wing Loong I that has been sold to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the larger Wing Loong II that was shown in the

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SteelRock C-UAV Technology at 2017 Dubai Airshow

SteelRock UAV is introducing its NightFighter UAV technology to the Middle Eastern market this week at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. Exhibiting at the UK Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organization’s showcase (Stand 856C), the company is demonstrating its portfolio of multi-platform UAVs. SteelRock UAV is looking for partners

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Pilot’s Eye View of a Mustang Formation

This in-cockpit video was filmed at the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford, UK, and features “The Horsemen” Mustang display team flying 3 North American P51 Mustangs This world famous aerial spectacular is held at the iconic Duxford airfield in July. World class, unrivalled, choreographed displays featuring unique aircraft types rarely

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5 Corsairs at the Planes of Fame Airshow 2017

The Planes of Fame’s own F4U-1 was joined this year by 4 other Corsairs, Chuck Wentworth’s FG-1D, Lewis Air Legends FG-1D, the Freidkin ‘Comanche Fighters’ F4U-4, and an F4U-7 from the Erickson Aircraft Collection. Planes of Fame Air Museum was proud to present Planes of Fame Airshow 2017, May 6

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New Russian Unmanned Helicopter on Show

Russia-based Radar MMS released further details of its BPV-500 vertical-takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) at the MAKS 2017 airshow in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Radar MMS representative Sergey Prokofiev told Jane’s that the BPV-500 is designed to operate from land and naval vessels, and is intended to fill

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Russian UAS Laser-Guided Automatic Landing System

Russia’s Kronshtadt Group has developed a laser system for determining the coordinates of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to give the exact data on a drone’s position at its approach phase. The technology was presented at the MAKS-2017 international airshow. “The system is designed to automatically scan the airspace sector

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More About Russia’s MALE UAV Orion-E

Kronstadt Technologies unveiled the first Russian medium altitude long endurance (MALE) class unmanned aerial system (UAS) prototype, during the MAKS 2017 airshow. Dubbed the Orion-E, 1 ton class surveillance UAV have been undergoing flight testing in the country since last year and had been revealed earlier through grainy images. The

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Farnborough reports hottest June on record

Farnborough International, organisers of the world-famous Airshow, today announced that record bookings were made during the month of June 2017. With Farnborough International Airshow 2018 exactly one year away, participation is already tracking way above previous editions of the Airshow, which has been held in Farnborough since 1948. In June,

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Paris Air Show 52nd Edition Results and Videos

SIAE, organiser of the Paris Air Show , has just published the final results of the 52nd Edition , showing a record-breaking number of 2,381 exhibitors from 48 countries.The full published results are: 2,381 exhibitors from 48 countries (2,303 in 2015) 322,000 visitors: – Trade visitors: 142,000 –

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Rafael unveils Drone Dome anti-drone system

Washington DC (UPI) Jun 24, 2017 –

A radar and laser beam system for detecting and destroying drones has been unveiled at the Paris Air Show by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

The system, called Drone Dome, has a range of up to several miles and causes minimal interruptions to other

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