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HAPSMobile Hawk 30 to Start Flight Tests Soon

A secretive joint venture between SoftBank and U.S. aerospace company AeroVironment is poised to launch an experimental solar-powered drone to deliver connectivity for 5G and the Internet of Things. The Hawk 30 will have a curved “flying wing” design similar to a series of high-altitude solar drones that AeroVironment made

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Chinese Startup Focusses on Agritech

Back in 2009 Justin Gong and a group of friends he calls “The Geeks” designed their first drone. For the 21-year-old Chinese business student, the prototype was a means to an end. As a freelance cameraman and passionate nature lover, he could use the technology to capture unique shots of

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Clogworks Expands Dark Matter UAV Range

The Clogworks Dark Matter UAV range has been specifically designed to suit the needs of commercial operators. They are modular heavy-lift drones capable of carrying a variety of payloads and displaying several configurations. Paired with bespoke accessories, finished are the times when operators needed to buy a UAV per payload

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Indoor Inspections

Plenty of companies are using outdoor drones to inspect pipelines, power infrastructure, and other hard-to-reach or dangerous locations. But when those locations are indoors or require access to confined spaces, the challenges become different and more difficult.

Swiss startup Flyability, which makes aerial inspection indoor drones specifically designed

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Oxford University Spin-Off Animal Dynamics acquires Accelerated Dynamics

Oxford-based unmanned aerial systems startup Animal Dynamics has acquired another UK-based company, Accelerated Dynamics, which has developed ADx, an AI platform for drone fleet management. Animal Dynamics, which raised £6 million in funding last November, builds “bio-inspired” unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Its main products, Skeeter and Stork, are designed after

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Vtrus Raises $3M for Indoor Drone Inspection Tech

Seattle startup Vtrus has raised investment for a different kind of drone — one that’s designed to conduct precision inspections of industrial facilities. A SEC filing published on March 7th.shows a $2.9 million cash infusion for Vtrus. Renato Salas-Moreno, the company’s CEO and co-founder, declined to comment on the new

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Alpha GCASE DUO – One GCS fits all land, air, water

The Alpha GCase DUO is a ruggedized portable stand-alone control station designed to operate in harsh conditions and with enormous flexibility. This ground control station has two 15“ sun-readable screens that permits two operators to work side by side, one controlling the unmanned vehicle and the other controlling the payload.

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Pre order your Jetpack Speeder now!

JetPack Aviation has been leading the micro personal vertical take off and landing (VTOL) industry for the past 10 years. Based in Los Angeles, California we are dedicated to building the safest, smallest and fastest VTOL aircraft possible. Between 2010 and 2015 we designed and built the world’s first portable

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Mothership Aeronautics and eBlimp Partner up to go Vertical in Blimps

Jonathan Nutzati After successfully collaborating on the design and production of two solar-powered airships since 2016, the Solar Scout and the Terrasoar, Mothership Aeronautics and eBlimp have initiated a merger of their businesses. eBlimp.com has been manufacturing, selling and operating radio-controlled blimps from their facility in Southern California since 2004.

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Boeing unveils fighter jet-sized drone designed for Australia

Washington (UPI) Feb 28, 2019 –

During the Australian International Airshow, Boeing unveiled its newest unmanned drone, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System.

The system was viewed Wednesday by Australian Defense Minister Christopher Pyne at Avalon Airport in Victoria, Australia, 25 miles north of Melbourne.

The first flight is planned for 2020, according to

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Boeing Reveals Airpower Teaming System in Australia

Boeing has introduced its newest unmanned platform, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. Designed for global defense customers by Boeing Australia, it is the company’s largest investment in a new unmanned aircraft program outside the United States. The aircraft will complement and extend airborne missions through smart teaming with existing military

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Boeing introduces new unmanned system for global defense customers

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has introduced its newest unmanned platform, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. Designed for global defense customers by Boeing Australia, it is the company’s largest investment in a new unmanned aircraft program outside the United States. The aircraft will complement and extend airborne missions through smart teaming with

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HAL Unveils Rotary-Wing UAV at Aero India 2019

Indian aerospace and defence company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) unveiled a full-scale prototype of a locally designed rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Aero India 2019 defence exhibition. Specifically designed to perform intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, the UAV was developed by HAL in cooperation with the

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AVIX Tech AXH E320 patrols Taiwanese Coastline

Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration (CGA) performed its UAV actual drill around the coastal areas today with the intention to prevent the African Swine Flu (ASF) from entering and affecting Taiwan. CGA had purchased 8 UAV designed and made by AVIX Tech. (田屋科技) last year and following by another 12 UAV

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GA-ASI Continues Ontime Development of MQ-9B

GEELONG – 25 February 2019 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), the leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems, continues the ontime development of its latest RPA, the MQ-9B. GA-ASI designed MQ-9B as the next generation of

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Bentley Systems Introduces Mixed Reality App for Infrastructure Construction Projects Using Microsoft HoloLens 2

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, presented SYNCHRO XR, its app for immersively visualizing 4D construction digital twins with the new Microsoft HoloLens 2, which Microsoft announced during a press conference atMobile World Congressin Barcelona. Selected

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Alpha Unmanned Systems Selected for the Inmarsat UAV Pop-Up Lab

Alpha Unmanned Systems, a Spanish designer and manufacturer of remotely piloted gasoline-powered UAV helicopters, has been selected to participate in Inmarsat´s UAV Pop-up lab, a unique innovation programme exploring the value of satcoms in the commercial UAV sector. Alongside six other UAV companies, Alpha Unmanned Systems will execute a range

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AeroVironment Introduces Next Generation Quantix

AeroVironment, Inc. has introduced the next generation of its Quantix VTOL hybrid drone and the AeroVironment Decision Support System (AV DSS) for precision agriculture. Enhancements across the Quantix & AV DSS ecosystem deliver a combination of new features, performance improvements and product package offerings – designed to meet the

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Airbus inaugurates its UAM Innovation Centre in China

Airbus has inaugurated its Innovation Centre in China at an official opening ceremony in Shenzhen, China, one of the world’s leading innovation hotspots. Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) has been operating since early 2018 and currently focuses on designing, testing, and certifying new technologies relating to five areas: Hardware Lab,

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Topcon Falcon 8+ UAV – Limited Time Offer

Designed for Stability, Proven to Perform This rotary-wing UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) features first-in-class sensors, active vibration damping, and compensating camera mounts for solid performance. Perfect for capturing all perspectives, oblique as well as nadir, while providing flexibility for immediate takeoff and soft landing. Meticulously designed and built in Germany,

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