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Predators, Reapers Kept Watch as ISIS Lost Raqqa

U.S. forces, coalition partners and Syrian Democratic Forces liberated Raqqah, Syria from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s control in early October 2017. ISIS used the city as its capital for terrorist operations since January 2014. Combat remotely piloted aircraft such as the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper were

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Czech Army Want More UAVs by 2020

The Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) has unveiled plans to dramatically bolster its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capabilities to include unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) to be procured in 2021. “The ACR will procure an as yet unknown UCAV platform in 2021 as part of the strategy to further

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Russian Army Gets Specialized Drone-Hunters

The Russian army has established a ground-based unit specializing in defeating enemy drones. The unit—the first of its kind in Russia—operates electronic jamming systems that, in theory, can sever the radio connections between unmanned aerial vehicles and their operators. Russian-made jammers reportedly have been successful in forcing down drones in

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First Combat Mission for 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Block 5 MQ-9 Reaper

The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing successfully completed its first combat mission with the latest version of the MQ-9 Reaper in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. The wing’s remotely piloted aircraft unit, the 46th Expeditionary Attack Squadron, transitioned its attack and reconnaissance airframes from the MQ-1B Predator to the Block 5

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SRC, Inc. Wins Multiple Awards for C-UAS Technology

SRC has been awarded a $12.7M contract to provide the Air Force with Counter-UAS systems to meet an urgent requirement to detect and defeat drones. SRC also received a $10M follow-on order from the Army for electronic warfare enhancements, as well as increased engineering and field service support to previously

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Book Review: ‘Swarm Troopers’ by David Hambling

‘Swarm Troopers’ has been around for a while, but nevertheless deserves reviewing and remains a worthwhile read and an important contribution to writing on drones and warfare. It was originally published in December 2015, yet in this fast moving field we are already beginning to see some of the

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UAVOS unmanned helicopters to operate in tropical climes

UAVOS INC. demonstrated to the representatives of the Army and the special operation forces of Indonesia an unmanned aerial complex with a gasoline-powered helicopter UVH-29E. Officials and experts from the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), the National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (Basarnas), the National Agency for Combating

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After ten years, time to ground Britain’s drones

The imminent defeat of ISIS in Iraq should see British drones grounded. But will they continue to launch strikes in what is becoming a perpetual war?

An armed British Reaper drone

This month (October 2017) marks ten years of British Reaper drone operations. Acquired on a temporary basis

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Wanted: Novel Approaches for Detecting and Stopping Small Unmanned Air Systems

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 25, 2017 –

The rapid evolution of small unmanned air system (sUAS) technologies is fueling the exponential growth of the commercial drone sector, creating new asymmetric threats for warfighters. DARPA’s Mobile Force Protection (MFP) program seeks to develop an integrated system capable of defeating self-guided sUAS (i.e.,

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Unmanned Warrior:  Industry and PR at heart of unmanned maritime exercise

“Extremely successful event” … “world firsts” … “unprecedented” … “ground-breaking”. It’s safe to say that, judging from the string of superlatives, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was pleased with Unmanned Warrior 16, last year’s demonstration of the potential for maritime autonomous systems to undertake military tasks. Unmanned

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Belarusian Drones in Zapad 2017 Army Exercise

The unmanned helicopter Indela I.N.SKY of Belarusian make will take part in the Belarusian-Russian strategic army exercise Zapad 2017, the press service of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus told BelTA. The Belarusian company KB Indela unveiled its unmanned helicopter designed for combat and reconnaissance missions during the defense

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Poland’s WZL-2 Reveals Dragonfly Loitering Munition

Poland’s WZL-2 used the recent MSPO defence industry exhibition in Kielce to unveil its Dragonfly vertical take-off and landing loitering munition system. With a maximum take-off weight of 5kg (11lb), the quadcopter is designed for combat operations, including in urban areas, and carries a warhead to conduct precision strikes against

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AUDS Counter-Drone System Enhanced for Vehicle Deployment and to Defeat Swarm Attacks

The AUDS counter-UAS defence system has been enhanced for deployment on military and commercial security and surveillance vehicles and with new technology to more effectively defeat swarm attacks by malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including long-range winged drones. The AUDS system, already successfully deployed and in 24/7 operations, was developed

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Battelle, Dedrone partner for counter-drone system

Washington (UPI) Aug 24, 2017 –

Two U.S. companies, Battelle and Dedrone, have joined forces to create a system that combines drone detection capabilities with defeat technology.

Battelle will leverage its DroneDefender system with Dedrone’s platform alert technology to protect critical infrastructure, the companies announced on Thursday.

“We are excited for the opportunity

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General Dynamics Links Bluefin Robotics UUVs and AeroVironment‘s Blackwing UAV to Submarine Combat Control Center

General Dynamics Mission Systems and General Dynamics Electric Boat demonstrated multiple mission command, control and communication capabilities connecting Bluefin Robotics’ unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) and a third-party provided unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a simulated AN/BYG-1 submarine combat control center ashore. A Stackable Air-powered Launch System (STAPLS) designed for

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