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Simactive – Speeding Up Volume Measurements with Drones

Performing volume calculation with drones brings numerous advantages in various industries nowadays. This training session will discuss how to speed up stockpile measurement in Correlator3D. Specifically, attendees will learn about the following 1) Understanding requirements for precise measurements2) Using a proper reference elevation3) Automating volumetric calculation4) Assessing accuracies of volume

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Flying Cellphone Tower?

Tech giants including Google and Facebook have spent years trying to figure out how to bring the internet to billions of people who still lack a reliable connection. Now, an American startup has come up with its own plan.

Telelift is an attempt to create a “flying

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Drones Guidance for the UAS Recognised Assessment Entity scheme

Requirements, administrative processes, instructions and guidance related to the operation of the Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) scheme within the United Kingdom have been updated. Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – The UK Recognised Assessment Entity (CAP722B) is intended for organisations that are, or wish to be, approved

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Drone Programs: How to Get Started

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), otherwise known as drones, have become quite accessible and common across many industries. Many challenges and questions regarding the use of sUAS remain. It may seem simple to start using this new and exciting technology but, once you move from hobbyist to professional, there are

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How to Effectively Combine LiDAR Data with Imagery

The use of LiDAR sensors for mapping is growing, as recent technological advances even allow them now to be mounted on drones. LiDAR point clouds are often collected in conjunction with imagery, which combined together lead to very rich datasets. This training session will discuss how to combine LiDAR data

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DJI response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s commercial and recreational drone use report

DJI is pleased that the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee understands the important role drones will play in the UK’s future. Its “Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK” Report is a thoughtful and detailed assessment of how to safely and responsibly integrate drones into British

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