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How to apply for your PfCO using Flock’s pay-as-you-fly Drone Insurance

Thinking about becoming a commercial drone pilot? Insurance is an important requirement throughout your journey to getting a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) certification. From flight assessment cover, to providing a proof-of-insurance ‘Cover Note’ document for your application, Flock is here to help. First things first: what is a commercial

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Getting Great Aerial Shots Over Water

Text & photos by Joe West
Very early on, I became fascinated with the possibility of using drones to create island-wide panoramas and unique perspectives of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. I learned some hard lessons about how to research and prepare for each flight, when I would fly my drone

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Storage for Video Footage

One of the Questions we get asked a lot is: What is the best way to store and back up drone video footage?

For this answer we solicited Robert Rodriguez, Founder of Aerial Cinematography:

I might be one of the worst people to ask about how to efficiently store and backup

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NASA X-56- The Future of Flight- Part 1

 NASA is investigating the ways flexible, light weight, ultra-efficient lift wings may increase efficiency for aircraft, and how to address their challenge with flutter in flight. One technology that may make it possible to stabilize flutter, increasing both aircraft efficiency and safety, is the use of advanced flight control

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How to Use a Drone Landing Pad

All drones have to take off and land, so what is sitting under them will make a difference in the long run. Senior Editor, John Reid, talks about what you should know and have at your takeoff and landing locations.

The post How

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Testing – Post – Reddoor

Best Drones for Children – Ages 2 to 16​​​​Drones are everywhere these days, with developments for both adults and children alike in mind. Drones for kids have quickly become a hot topic these days, so it’s crucial to know how to choose a drone for a child and understand what

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KFC India Launches ‘Kentucky Flying Object’ DIY Drone

 For fried chicken lovers and drone enthusiasts alike, in India, KFC is set to offer what is being called ‘the most fly meal ever.’ Dubbed the ‘KFO’ which obviously stands for ‘Kentucky Flying Object’, the limited edition option encompasses a special smokey grilled wings order, while its packaging can

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Consortiq Teams with US College to Offer Drone Pilot Course

Many employers are seeking recent graduates who know how to operate drones and have achieved the necessary certification to fly drones commercially. As cutting-edge innovators in drone and unmanned technology, Consortiq makes it safer and easier for organizations to put drones in the sky. Consortiq transforms businesses through unmanned aircraft

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Rotor Riot – YouTube’s FPV Lifestyle Show

In January 2016, an action-packed web show appeared on YouTube aimed specifically at the burgeoning first person- view (FPV) multirotor community. But unlike earlier attempts, this one eschewed technical language, avoided instructional videos, and circumnavigated hobbyist clichés, opting instead for something a lot more exciting.
Taking cues from snowboarding and skating

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Drone Flight Tips: Become a better pilot

Flying an aircraft is about maintaining control of its movement through the air. In aviation, pilots are taught to perform ground-reference maneuvers to sharpen their flying skills. When learning how to fly drones, there are similar maneuvers that you can do to improve your control of the aircraft. It’s important

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FAA Restricts Drone Operations Over DOE Facilities

At the request of U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is using its existing authority under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations § 99.7 – “Special Security Instructions” – to address concerns about unauthorized drone operations over seven Department of Energy (DOE)

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