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North Dakota State University’s Herbicide-Spraying Drone Covers 33 Acres in an Hour

North Dakota State University’s (NDSU) Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department has purchased an herbicide-spraying unmanned aerial vehicle that can carry over four gallons of liquid and autonomously disperse it for 30 minutes at a time, covering around 33 acres of crops in one hour. According to the Brainerd Dispatch, NDSU

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Major Asian Governmental Agency Orders DroneGuns

DroneShield Ltd has announced that its distributor GT&E has purchased two units of its DroneGun Tactical product, for use by a national security agency of a major Asian country allied with the United States, to be deployed by the agency for drone threat mitigation. It is understood that the end-user

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ANAFI | Tutorials | How To Hand Launch

Want to learn how to Hand Launch your Parrot ANAFI drone ? In 5 steps only you will be the master of hand launch ! Enjoy your ANAFI ! Check out...

Serbia Confirms Procurement of Chinese UAVs

Serbian Deputy Defence Minister Nenad Miloradovic on 17 September confirmed that Serbia will buy unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) from China. Miloradovic made his statement, broadcast by the Tanjug state news agency, in Beijing a day after several Belgrade media reported that Serbia would acquire six unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

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UAV Navigation Integrates FCS in Record Time

UAV Navigation has just released a case study demonstrating its ability to is able to deliver a cutting-edge Flight Control Solution (FCS) in the shortest period of time. Elytron Aeronautica, one of the company’s most recent customers, purchased a full FCS and has experienced the quality of UAV Navigation’s integration

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PrecisionHawk Acquires HAZON and InspecTools

PrecisionHawk, Inc., a provider of drone technology for the enterprise, has announced that it has purchased both HAZON, Inc. and InspecTools Inc. These businesses specialize in the delivery of inspection services and technology for the energy industry and bring demonstrated domain expertise to enable tighter integration between the collection and

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PrecisionHawk Acquires Both HAZON, Inc. and InspecTools Inc. Becoming the Leading Provider of Drone Technology and Analytics for the Energy Market

The combination of these companies brings unparalleled expertise, technology and relationships in drone-based solutions for distribution lines, transmission lines, solar panels, wind turbines, and utility infrastructure PrecisionHawk, Inc., a leading provider of drone technology for the enterprise, today announced that it has purchased both HAZON, Inc. and InspecTools Inc. These

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InsurTech startup SkyWatch.AI announces a partnership with Maps Made Easy to Provide Insurance for Drone Pilots Exactly When They Need It

SkyWatch.AI, a data analysis, risk-assessment and insurtech platform for the drone industry, announced today its partnership and technological integration with Map Pilot, by Maps Made Easy, a drone industry leader in aerial maps processing. This integration enables Map Pilot users to purchase and manage on-demand insurance based on the flight

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BirdsiVideo Partners with DecisionLink for Sales Growth

BirdsiVideo Drone Services is launching a new partnership with DecisionLink, the leading SaaS platform for Value Selling Automation. The drone industry is growing rapidly as large corporations embrace the transformational benefits of UAV technology. Sales and Marketing Magazine found that the #1 reason customers fail to buy is the lack

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ANAFI | 180° tilt gimbal

Look up, Look down, Nothing escapes to ANAFI’s gimbal. Discover the Parrot ANAFI with the 180° tilt gimbal with 3–axis image stabilization ANAFI is the first drone with a camera that...

Parrot ANAFI | Ephemera Arid Memories

Short movie created, directed and filmed by Angelo Chiacchio during his journey through Montana (USA). All footages have been shot with ANAFI. Follow Angelo and its inspiring 300-days solo adventure around...

Mid-East Customer for Russia’s Predator Knockoff ?

Officials from the Russian defense firm Kronshtadt Group announced the possible sale of the company’s Orion UAV to a country in the Middle East. But which Middle Eastern country is purchasing the platform, and what capabilities does the system bring to bear? The Orion-E (export version) is Russia’s medium-altitude, long-endurance

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Aeronautics Rejects $117M Buyout Offer from Rafael

Israel’s Aeronautics, which makes military unmanned aerial vehicles, has rejected a 430 million shekel ($117 million) acquisition offer from state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and businessman Avihai Stolero. “The company’s board has decided to reject the proposal, among other reasons, because of the amount that was offered,” Aeronautics said in

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Drone Anti-Collision Lights Guide-[Rupprecht Law]

There are some great benefits to using a drone anti-collision light for recreational, public safety, and commercial operations. It increases safety and gives you greater flexibility in your operations. Remember to go over the list my tips and considerations before you buy anything because each drone anti-collision light has its

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US Army Orders Lockheed Martin CUAS Sytems

The Army is planning to purchase a Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) from Lockheed Martin with the goal to “field UAS with payloads capable of negating adversary UAS,” the Army said in its solicitation notice. The United States Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one source under the

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