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Can You Fly a Drone in Barcelona?

You can legally fly a drone in Barcelona, but the UAV must weigh under 25 kilograms, be registered, and the flight must be authorized by a local authority first. You also cannot fly over houses or in crowded areas.

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Can You Fly a Drone in Big Sur?

Drones are prohibited from much of Big Sur per federal, state, and local laws. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Forest Service, California State Parks, and Monterey County all have rules discouraging the activity.

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Can You Fly a Drone in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, being a borough of New York City, follows Administrative Code §10-126, which proclaims that it’s illegal for drones to take or off land within the city limits except in designated areas or in emergencies.

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Best Drone Mapping Software

In the end, the overall winner in terms of quality of service and flexibility when it comes to the drone models used is DroneDeploy. While not the cheapest software service out there, it is certainly the best.

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Can You Bring a Drone to France?

Drone operation is legal in France, but you must adhere to specific rules by the French Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). You are not subject to these rules if your drone

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Can You Bring a Drone to India?

You are permitted to carry a drone with you into India on a plane, provided that you have prior permission from the Department of Telecommunication to operate in a dedicated frequency band (WPC Wing).

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Can You Bring a Drone to Tanzania?  

Luckily, Tanzania legally allows you to bring in a drone, as well as allowing you to fly your drone there. You will be able to capture some stunning aerial shots with a drone, as long as it meets certain requirements and has a permit.

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