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Kansas State Polytechnic offering UAS training for law enforcement

SALINA — Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is working with law enforcement partners to offer a training course specifically targeted at how first responders can utilize unmanned aircraft systems in daily operations and safety procedures. The first-course offering runs April 9-12 at the campus in Salina. Kurt Carraway, a retired

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Vodafone 4G IoT Technology Tracks Rogue Drones

Vodafone has announced the commencement of trials of the world’s first air traffic control drone tracking and safety technology. Vodafone’s pioneering approach uses innovative 4G Internet of Things (IoT) technology to protect aircraft from catastrophic accidents as well as prevent inadvertent or criminal drone incursions at sensitive locations such as

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Super-Fast Drone Fixes

Get your bird back in the air in a flash

FPV drone racing is unlike anything else I have ever tried, and it is extremely addictive. But to be competitive, you have to push it to the limits, and that means crashes—and more crashes. While these drones are pretty tough, there

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Texas Launches Public Safety UAS Program

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced the launch of a public safety unmanned aerial systems (UAS) program. The department’s multi-purpose, small UAS will be used for a variety of public safety missions across Texas, including flight missions related to: officer safety, search and rescue, disaster support,

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DJI Phantom Blamed for Helicopter Crash

Local and federal authorities are investigating a helicopter crash on Daniel Island, Charleston, South Carolina that reportedly was caused by a drone last Wednesday afternoon. The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed Thursday that a Robinson R22 helicopter struck a tree and crash landed near the southern tip of the island around

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NASA X-56- The Future of Flight- Part 1

 NASA is investigating the ways flexible, light weight, ultra-efficient lift wings may increase efficiency for aircraft, and how to address their challenge with flutter in flight. One technology that may make it possible to stabilize flutter, increasing both aircraft efficiency and safety, is the use of advanced flight control

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Drone Pilot Position

Finding the right position to stand when flying your drone can make the difference between a great aerial video and a crashed drone. Here are a few quick tips on finding the perfect location to make it easy to see your drone and any obstacles that may hinder your

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Drone-Catching Drones to Secure Winter Olympics

“Drone-catching drones” will be deployed to cast nets over suspicious drones that radar detects approaching Winter Olympics venues. This is just one of the safety measures announced by the Pyeongchang Olympics anti-Terrorism and Safety Headquarters to ensure security at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, which are fast approaching on Feb.

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Embry-Riddle Collaborates on Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilots Code to Promote Drone Safety

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University faculty specializing in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) recently helped draft a comprehensive UAS Pilots Code (UASPC) guide for experienced and new drone users to enhance safety and efficiency in UAS operations. As part of The Aviators Code Initiative (ACI) and the University Aviation Association, Dr. Ryan Wallace

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Minnesota Unmanned Aicraft System (UAS) Coordinator-State Prog Admin Prin

The purpose of this position is to provide technical expertise and professional knowledge in the development, preservation and safety of aviation in Minnesota related to UAS (unmanned aircraft systems). This position inspects and licenses commercial aviation operators, and enforces Minnesota Statutes and Rules pertaining to aeronautics. This position organizes and

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Aeryon Labs Launches Aeryon Defense USA, Inc.

Aeryon Labs Inc., a provider of high-performance, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for military, public safety, and commercial customers, has launched Aeryon Defense USA, Inc. Based in Denver, Colorado, Aeryon Defense is an approved U.S. defense contractor delivering the next-generation of advanced sUAS to U.S. military forces and government agencies.

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Promoting Safety in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: The Aviators Code Initiative and University Aviation Association

In an effort to address safety concerns arising from the widespread use of small unmanned aircraft, the Aviators Code Initiative (formerly the Aviators Model Code of Conduct Initiative) and the University Aviation Association released guidance aimed at advancing safety, airmanship, and professionalism among UAS pilots and operators. The Unmanned Aircraft

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Crew Error and Datalink Issues Caused 2016 MQ-1B Crash

Crew error and datalink issues caused an MQ-1B to crash Feb. 2, 2016, in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility, according to an Air Combat Command Abbreviated Accident Investigation Board report just released. The MQ-1B was assigned to the 432nd Wing at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, and operated

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Altitude Angel secures $4.5m Series A funding from leading investors to boost autonomous drone flight

Congratulations to Altitude Angel, if you want to see what it’s like click the Drone Safety Map tab above. Reading, UK: 30/01/18: Altitude Angel, the drone management platform and airspace integration start-up, has today announced a USD $4.5m Series A funding round led by the Seraphim Space Fund, with participation

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Skyfire to Develop LA Fire Department’s UAV Program

Skyfire Consulting, a public safety-focused drone company, kicked off 2018 by gaining the FAA’s sign-off on the Los Angeles Fire Department’s in-house UAV program. LAFD, one of the nation’s busiest fire/rescue agencies, put their trust in the four-year-old consulting company, based on their proven track record of success with FAA

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AVSS and The Institute for Drone Technology announce partnership for revolutionary drone black box data collection and authentication system.

AVSS is designing an authenticated fleet management program within its existing drone safety systems. These include a ‘black box’ and IoT parachute deployment system. IfDT is working with large-scale drone technology businesses and education partners to develop the drone industry. AVSS and IfDT will enter into a joint venture partnership

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Texas A&M building a Drone Program for Public Safety

Lost hikers found, swimmers rescued with a deployed floatation device, wildfires located from above. Headlines about emergency responders using small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) are increasingly common around the world, but the need for accurate, reliable information to inform the many decisions that must be made to implement this exciting

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Skyfire Consulting Gains FAA’s Sign-Off on Los Angeles Fire Department’s UAV Program

Skyfire Consulting, the country’s premier public safety-focused drone company, kicked off 2018 by gaining the FAA’s sign-off on the Los Angeles Fire Department’s in-house UAV program. LAFD, one of the nation’s busiest fire/rescue agencies, put their trust in the four-year-old consulting company, based on their proven track record of success

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Polish Developer in Canadian U-Space Tests

APS, the developer of the Ctrl+Sky system has been invited to participate in tests under Emergency Operations Airspace Management System (EOAMS), a project of the Government of Canada. It aims at the development of a system for supporting the safety of Unmanned Aerial System flight in Beyond Visual Line of

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Australia lifesaving drone makes first rescue

Sydney (AFP) Jan 18, 2018 –

A pair of Australian swimmers on Thursday became the first people to be rescued in the ocean by a drone when the aerial lifesaver dropped a safety device to distressed teens caught in rough seas.

Australia is leading the use of the technology in surf

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The National Council on Public Safety UAS

By Charles L. Werner Chair, National Council on Public Safety UAS In early 2017, public safety had an awakening of the value that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) brings to enhance the safety and effectiveness of emergency operations. This of course, resulted after the changes and more realistic FAA regulations

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China Wants More UAV Regulation

Chinese civil aviation industry insiders have called for tighter regulation on illegal drone flights, as the country has become the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer drones. China currently has about 20,000 unregistered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), said attendees at the China UAV Safety Development Forum which opened in Qingdao, east

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Ontario Paramedics Now Fly BVLOS

When a driver was fatally ejected one night late last year from a vehicle that rolled off a road in Eastern Ontario’s Renfrew County, emergency responders were unsure whether there were other victims. The terrain around the crash site was difficult to access, forested and rocky with steep and unexpected

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Sky’s The Limit for Health & Safety Inspection as Bureau Veritas and Sky-Futures Join Forces

Against the backdrop of an increased focus on health and safety in all commercial disciplines, Bureau Veritas and Sky-Futures have joined forces in a pioneering new partnership designed to take inspection strategy to, quite literally, a whole new level. Drawing on Bureau Veritas’ vast repertoire as a world-leading inspection company

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