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Anti Shark Drone Fleet for New South Wales

A large fleet of drones will be deployed along the New South Wales coast to protect swimmers and surfers from sharks this summer as the government almost triples its shark management budget. Deputy Premier John Barilaro says the $21.4 program will expand its use of drumlines, listening stations and the

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Drone Saves Surfer from Shark in New South Wales

World championship tour surfer Matt Wilkinson had a close encounter with a shark last week while surfing at Sharpes Beach at Ballina, New South Wales. The welcome arrival of a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) overhead alerted Matt via a warning over the speaker, at the same time a 1.5m

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Amazon Patents Drones Pulling Skiers and Surfers

Amazon isn’t just thinking about delivery with its drones. The new patent made public this week reveals an idea for a drone-powered towing system designed for skiers, surfers, skaters, and more. “While there are various known uses for unmanned aerial vehicles, certain techniques for controlling the unmanned aerial vehicles are

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Parrot Bebop 2 FPV x Mike Morrissey – A Surfer Drone Filming Journey

Follow professional surfer Mike Morrissey on his adventures with his #ParrotBebop2 aerial views! ——————————– Learn more about the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV at https://www.parrot.com/us/drones/parrot-bebop-2-fpv http://youtube.com/Parrot http://facebook.com/Parrot http://twitter.com/Parrot http://instagram.com/parrot_official

Best 4 Drone Surfing Footage Videos

From lashing a front side carve to dropping in on mammoth waves such as Jaws itself on the North Shore of Hawaii, drone surfing videos are in a very amazing class of their own. Once those who were already masters at gathering video and still footage were able to get

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Couple Kite Surfs Over African Coast | DronedOut

While exploring the beautiful coasts of Mauritius, Africa, this couple decided to take their drone for a spin and film themselves kite surfing from above. Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ani4bVpvAY What to Watch...

Surfers Swim with Dolphins in Australia

While surfing in Australia, these surfers came across a pod of dolphins who wanted to join in on all the fun. Watch this incredible footage of them sharing some waves from...

GoPro: Director’s Cut – Shark Riders

Shot 100% on the new Dive Housing & HD HERO2® camera from http://GoPro.com The Director’s Cut dives deeper into the world of a bird and a fish, Roberta Mancino and Mark...

Drone shark footage

At PISMO beach Ca we flew out at 9:15am and wanted to get some surfers on a phantom 3 …but saw a 10ft shark instead!! For any licensing requests please contact...

Ricardo Teixeira – FPV for all

by Ricardo Teixeira Before my accident I was Surfer and Skater and I get adrenaline in this sports. Now I found in this hobby a way to feel again adrenaline and I’d like to inspire more disable people to do…

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Surfline’s Six Weeks on the North Shore Movie

It is a pilgrimage like no other, offering equal parts gore and glory. An island that’s as hostile as it is holy. A beachfront where the potential is envisioned, the consequences...

The Girls Of Pipe Masters Hawaii

Beautiful Banzai Beach Babes Bare Brazilian Bikinis. Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina feature along with their beautiful fans at the 2014 Triple Crown of Surfing Pipe...

GoPro: Kelly Slater and Dolphins Surf The Box

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com. During the second stop of the ASP World Tour, 11 time world champion Kelly Slater catches a GoPro Challenge free surf with...


Compilation of the world’s biggest waves ever surfed! World record waves around 100ft (30m) rogue waves, largest waves world record Biggest wave in the world Large wave, swell storm tsunami, code,...

1000 FPS John John Florence Backflip x3

Two ultra-slow-mo flips and a tweaked out stalefish shot in one thousand frames per second from the archives of Phantom-cam specialist Chris Bryan. http://chrisbryanfilms.com

Best of eXtreme Sport

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XSportHero List of videos here: 1. Epic Powder Day in Steamboat! = http://bit.ly/IqXafC 2. Go Kart Italy with Francesco Vidrih = http://bit.ly/JG0d4P 3. Backdoor with Sunny Garcia...

Orange Code | Massive Swell Teahupoo | July 2015

Epic session of a solid southwest swell in Teahupoo Tahiti with some of the most amazing surfers! Subscribe to XTreme Video here : http://goo.gl/7Vdr0 Code Orange at Teahupoo July 2015 Epic...

Top 15 Most Watched Extreme Sport Videos Of 2014

Compilation of the 15 most viewed videos of the year on http://stoked.com Song is Sigma & Logistics – Dreams to Reality Full videos: 15 – http://stoked.com/video/4294/basejump-into-rooftop-pool-party/ 14 – http://stoked.com/video/2519/big-head-snowboarding/ 13 –...