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A power outlet in your pocket?

We have been testing out the all new Jackery PowerBar and we love it! The Jackery PowerBar is a premium all-in-one power source with AC, USB, USB-C and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™...

AeroVironment Gets $7 US Army Switchblade Contract

AeroVironment Inc., Monrovia, California, has been awarded a $7,350,005 cost-plus-fixed-fee modification (P00002) to contract W31P4Q-17-C-0171 for Switchblade contractor logistics support consisting of field service representatives, continental U.S. training, travel, rework, shipping, flight support, repair and maintenance, and training materials. Work will be performed in Simi Valley, California, with an estimated

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Coalition Airstrikes Kill ISIS Drone Experts

Coalition airstrikes killed three senior and highly skilled Islamic State of Iraq and Syria officials near Mayadin, Syria, Sept. 12-14, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported. Abu Salman, an ISIS drone developer, was killed during airstrikes Sept. 14 while traveling with a terrorist associate in a vehicle

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Picking Out a Travel Case for Your Drone

What’s the best type of case for traveling with drones and accessories?

Answer: A hard-shell, polyethylene case is superior for both transit and shipping. Look for name brands with strong replacement warranties in the event of freak failures in the handles or otherwise. Also look for optional or included locking mechanisms

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Borrow a DJI Mavic for two weeks

DJI Launches Mavic Pro Free Rental Program for Travelling Creatives As part of a collaboration with National Geographic, DJI has just announced a drone rental program open to all creatives around the world. Starting from September 5 through October 31, 2017, interested users can sign up online for the chance

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Minnesota Improves Bridge Inspection Procedures

MnDOT’s efforts to study whether drones can help bridge inspectors are progressing, and the second phase project has been completed. (Meanwhile a third project has just begun.) Phase 1 of this research project demonstrated that drones can reduce safety risks and inconvenience to bridge inspectors and the traveling public.

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How Underwater Drones Can Save Our Oceans

The co-founder of BluEye Robotics, Christine Spiten has always loved the water and ocean. She has traveled throughout all of the Atlantic Ocean and even lives on a ship that allows her to have access to the water and quickly drop underwater drones into the ocean as she pleases. As

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Have DartGun, Will Travel!

South Africa’s Super Drone

Advanced drones armed with double-barrel dart guns—that sounds like a scifi movie if ever I heard one. But it’s true—and not in a sinister way. In fact, such helpful drones could actually be coming to the United States very soon. The aptly named DartGun is the latest

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Record Long Drone Delivery Demo in Texas

Two Tucson companies were part of a team that recently claimed a new U.S. record for long-distance urban delivery by a drone, using cellphone networks to help navigate a simulated 97-mile trip. Team Roadrunner, a Nevada unmanned aircraft consortium that included Tucson-based Latitude Engineering and AUV Flight Services, conducted the

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PolarPro Launches Lens Filters and Travel Case for DJI Spark

Today, PolarPro, developer of products inspired by adventure, announced availability of new cinematic lens filters and a purpose-built travel case for DJI® Spark owners looking to get the most out of their new gesture-controlled drone. Known for producing some of the industry’s highest quality lens filters for action cameras

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VStar Systems Announces Successful International Flight Demonstration of MA-C2E/Lite SIGINT Sensor onboard Martin UAV’s V-Bat

VStar Systems and Martin UAV jointly announced the successful completion of an overseas demonstration of the new COMINT capabilities onboard the Martin UAV V-Bat aircraft. VStar Systems, a privately held aerospace and defense systems company, was invited to travel overseas to demonstrate the capabilities of its modular Signal Intelligence Sensor,

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Keynote Speakers Announced for Drone World Expo

Many companies are exploring the potential use of UAS, or drone technology for unmanned travel with programs to develop self-driving cars and pilotless passenger planes and everything in between. The keynote sessions at this year’s Drone World Expo will explore these developments for applications in the commercial drone industry and

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Supercam in the ARCTIC: Manned and Unmanned planes with ADS-B

Unmanned Systems Group (Izhevsk, Russia) has successfully conducted joint flights of Supercam UAV together with manned aircraft (both equipped with automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system) in conjunction with FGUP “GosNIIAS” on a drifting ice base in the Arctic. Rapid deployment of an aerodrome and a base for scholars and tourists

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164 Announcing the FT Simple Cub!

Today we talk with Josh and Austin about their trip to Horizon hobby, NEW Gremlin frames and the much anticipated FT SIMPLE CUB announcement!

Flite Test: https://www.flitetest.com/
FT Store: https://store.flitetest.com/
Flite Fest: https://www.flitefest.com/

Horizon Hobby: https://www.horizonhobby.com/
FT Simple Cub Vlog: https://goo.gl/QotjtT
DIY GREMLIN Forum: https://goo.gl/B9Y3Cx
Micro Balsa FT Cruiser: https://goo.gl/SWmKv4

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Modular Drone Defence System from Germany

ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik-GmbH, Diehl Defence and Rohde & Schwarz signed a cooperative agreement in the area of drone defence. Building on experience gained through their successful cooperation during both the 2015 G7 Summit in Elmau and the U.S. presidential trip to Hanover in 2016, the companies want to coordinate

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New Investment Fund to Create ‘Team Drone Japan’

Japan’s first investment fund focusing on drone-related startups begins operation in June, offering financial assistance and business management advice for budding entrepreneurs. Though the small, unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly employed in various industries such as construction, logistics and tourism, Japanese companies have a weak global presence in the field.

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More efficient construction management with Pix4Dbim

A volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific of only 11,000 square miles, Hawaii has seen sustained economic growth for the last few years, and a record-breaking pace for the tourism industry. Construction benefits from this growth with an increasing need for infrastructure. Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) is the oldest

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Lilium Jet – World’s first All-Electric VTOL Jet

The Lilium Jet successfully completed its maiden test flight series in the skies above Bavaria. The 2-seater Eagle prototype executed a range of complex maneuvers, including its signature mid-air transition from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight. Lilium enables you to travel 5 times faster than a car by introducing

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Gardens by the Bay – Super Trees

Gardens by the Bay is an amazing tourist desination in Singapore. Come visit this place there is more to see than this teaser. Music Credits: heroboard – free music to free...

NASA Developing Drones for Mars Exploration

Using rovers has done wonders to open up Mars exploration, but traveling at a rate of about 10 mi (16 km) every four and half years is still a bit limiting, so NASA”s Langley Research Center is looking at expanding that range by equipping future missions with autonomous aerial drones.

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US Air Force Plans Recoverable Hypersonic UAS by 2040

US Air Force weapons developers expect to operate hypersonic intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance drones by the 2040s, once scientific progress with autonomy and propulsion technology matures to a new level. The advent of using a recoverable drone platform able to travel at high altitudes, faster than Mach 5, will follow

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Renowned Drone Photographer Elia Locardi Partners With DJI To Host Aerial Photography Workshop World Tour

DJI, the world’s leading maker of personal and professional drones, is partnering with internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer and videographer Elia Locardi to kick off the DJI Drone Photography Workshop world tour in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2017. Elia will take participants to some of the most beautiful and picturesque

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Early Days of Flite Test

Today we get to catch up with JOSH and JEN Bixler and get a sneak peak into the early days of Flite Test as well as Josh’s take on the Florida trip PART 2!

Flite Test – https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ

Flite Test Store – https://goo.gl/g4MT9Y

Aviator PPG – https://goo.gl/JrXWfT


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142 3D Printed Mavic

Today on the Video Podcast we connect with Alex and Josh B. to discuss their eventful Florida trip, World War Veterans, 3D printed Mavic’s and the Re-released GoPro Karma!

Flite Test: https://goo.gl/xDfzaQ

Flite Test Store: https://goo.gl/g4MT9Y

Amimon Connex Falcor: https://goo.gl/84ktPe

Aviator PPG: https://goo.gl/CH51go

Somme 100 (World War

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