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UK Royal Navy’s Project Vampire – a Low-Cost, Fixed-Wing UAV

The UK Royal Navy (RN) is moving forward with plans to procure a low-cost fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as an initial increment of its Future Maritime Aviation Force (FMAF). Dubbed Project Vampire, the acquisition aims to assess uncrewed or autonomous air systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, electromagnetic operations,

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Vetal Tail-sitter VTOL Drone from Thailand

The twin-prop Vetal, manufactured by Thai firm HG Robotics is a new tailsitter drone for large scale surveys. Designed for tasks such as agricultural surveying and general surveillance, it features a 1,300-mm (4.3-ft) wingspan and a foam-core/carbon-fiber-shell body, with the whole aircraft reportedly tipping the scales at just 3.8 kg

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Aerovironment introduces Switchblade 300 sensor to shooter kit

Sensor to Shooter (S2S) enables instantaneous machine-to-machine transfer of target coordinates from AeroVironment’s small unmanned aircraft systems to Switchblade 300 loitering missile systems S2S software securely relays mission-critical, real-time video and flight telemetry data, reducing engagement timelines and operator cognitive load Switchblade 300 Sensor to Shooter Kit enables users to

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Ukraine Strike Drone Project

The Piwdiennie Design Bureau (ukr. КБ Південне) presented the project of a duck-based attack drone, armed with precision ammunition. Both systems are currently being developed by a Kiev-based company with extensive experience in the field of missile weapons and space systems. In the package of materials presenting the achievements of

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Airbus, NTT, DOCOMO and SKY Perfect JSAT Study Connectivity Services from HAPS

Airbus, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), NTT DOCOMO, INC. (DOCOMO) and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SKY Perfect JSAT) jointly announced that they have begun studying the feasibility of collaborating on future high-altitude platform stations (HAPS)-based connectivity services as part of a future space- based wireless connectivity ecosystem. Launched with

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SoCalGas, Doosan Mobility Innovation and GTI to Launch Hydrogen Drone Demonstration

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) joined Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) and GTI at the CES Las Vegas summit to announce their partnership in launching DMI’s first-of-its-kind hydrogen drone technology. With the support of SoCalGas and GTI, DMI will be demonstrating their DS30 drone system, which offers the best fuel cell

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World’s First Sea-to-Air Drone Redefines Offshore Operations

In recent weeks, Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI, commercial drone manufacturer PRODRONE, and underwater robotics firm QYSEA unveiled the world’s first ‘Sea-Air Integrated Drone’ during a flight showcase at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama. The revolutionary drone aims to modernize offshore and marine operations with its intelligent capabilities, high working

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Simple Trick Makes Drones Hallucinate

Michigan State University’s Qiben Yan’s Secure and Intelligent Things Lab in the College of Engineering has discovered that it was possible to trick drones into thinking they were heading for an obstacle. And all that what was required was two bright spots of light, for example from projectors or flashlights.

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Fenix Group to Deliver Portable C2 Tech to California Guard

Chantilly, Virginia-based Fenix Group Inc. was recently awarded a contract via Nokia Corporation and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to deliver citizen broadband radio service (CBRS) private cellular backpacks to the California National Guard to provide resilient communications during disaster response. It will solve the command and control (C2) problem

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Drone Harmony Raised $1.6M to Accelerate Innovation

Drone Harmony is a supplier of automation software for data acquisition workflows in the commercial drone market. The Full-3D Flight Planning Engine provides unprecedented degrees of automation in flight plan generation, plan visualization and flight execution, making it the best choice for safe, efficient and high-quality data acquisition. For the

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Drones Spray Holy Water at India Hindu Festival

Drones sprayed holy water from the Ganges on thousands of Hindu pilgrims last week to reduce crowding during a massive festival being held despite soaring Covid cases in India. The Gangasagar Mela in the east of the country has drawn comparisons with another “superspreader” Hindu gathering last year that the

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Smart, Fire-Suppressing Drones from Advanced AI Solutions

Advanced AI Solutions produces smart, fire-suppressing drones that can be deployed and managed through a variety of devices. AI software built into the drones allows early detection of fires and powerful, autonomous extinguishing capabilities. The company has launched a crowdfunding programme on StartEngine with an aim of raising $1M for

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Emitech Opens Test Facilities for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The Emitech Group is expanding its activities in the field of electric mobility with test facilities dedicated to hydrogen fuel cells and equipment. The Emitech Group offers a variety and a number of unique test facilities in France, constantly evolving with the aim of supporting its customers’ innovation, in particular

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SmartSky Networks, GE Aviation, and Mosaic ATM Address Advanced Air Mobility Safety

SmartSky Networks, an air-to-ground inflight connectivity provider, announced a collaboration with GE Aviation and Mosaic ATM to enhance Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The combined work effort, conducted under a NASA Innovation Award, uniquely connects the airborne and cloud-based FMS to

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Hawker Typhoon

 During World War 2, England desperately needed a replacement for the Hawker Hurricane fighter to maintain aerial superiority over the English Channel. Without such an advantage, it would be impossible to set the stage for D-day and the eventual liberation of France. Although the aircraft was fitted with one

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Scotland’s Mountain Rescue Teams Turn to Drones

Scotland’s mountain rescue teams have begun using sophisticated drones to search for injured and missing climbers lost in often dangerous and isolated terrain across the Highlands. The drones, weighing just under a kilo, can be fitted with torches, heat-detecting cameras, loudspeakers and even radio handsets, enabling rescuers to search inaccessible

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