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“After every adventure, what Mike Horn likes best…” A movie 100% shot by ANAFI #ParrotANAFI #EverydayLifeElevated


“Après chaque aventure, ce que Mike Horn préfère…” Un film 100% réalisé avec ANAFI #ParrotANAFI #EverydayLifeElevated

ANAFI X Mike Horn Teaser

Adventurer, beautiful landscapes lover, unstoppable challenger… ▶️ ANAFI x @ExploreMikeHorn : The perfect duo! Be there on June 13 to discover Mike Horn next epic adventure 100% shot with #ParrotANAFI !

ANAFI x Mike Horn Bande annonce

Aventurier, amoureux des paysages à couper le souffle, challenger sans limites… ▶️ANAFI x Mike Horn c’est LE combo parfait Rendez-vous Lundi 18 Juin pour découvrir la dernière aventure de Mike Horn,...

ANAFI | Parrot x Mountains Legacy

The Mountains-Legacy ran the GR20 famous Corsican’s trail during 5 epic days with ANAFI the flying 4K HDR camera that you can take everywhere with you on the go!

Parrot ANAFI – The ultra portable design

Introducing Parrot ANAFI, the next generation of drone. ANAFI is the flying 4K HDR camera that you can take with you everywhere on the go. Ultra-compact and foldable, ANAFI features an...

Parrot ANAFI – The Smart and Powerful drone

Introducing Parrot ANAFI, the next generation of drone. ANAFI is the flying 4K HDR camera that you can take with you everywhere on the go. Ultra-compact and foldable, ANAFI features an...

FCC proposes $2.8 million fine against HobbyKing for marketing non compliant drone transmitters

Drone Video Transmitters Could Apparently Operate in Radio Frequency Bands Not Designated for Amateur Use & Transmit at Disruptive Power Levels — WASHINGTON, June 7, 2018—The Federal Communications Commission today proposed a $2.8 million fine against HobbyKing for marketing sixty-five models of devices used to relay video from drones to

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Robo-Boats Swarm in the South China Sea

This video shows a swarm of 56 small, unmanned boats operating in the South China Sea. While a rudimentary demonstration, it mirrors similar exercises performed by U.S. Navy boats practicing — semi-autonomously — to defend harbours and intercept incoming vessels. The Chinese robo-boats do not appear to be armed, but

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UVify Warp9

The UVify WARP9 is the ultimate craft for racing, acrobatics, and unrivaled HD video capture. Through hundreds of design iterations, WARP9 has been molded from an idea into the epitome of control and precision. Every detail of this machine is deliberate, and has been carefully crafted for the sole purpose

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Lockheed Martin MQ-25 – Video

The Skunk Works purpose-built MQ-25 unmanned tanker concept is designed to deliver robust refueling capability to support our combat strike fighters and extend the range of our aircraft carriers. Our offering builds on our unmanned systems legacy including the RQ-170 to bring proven, low-risk approaches to our design. Source: YouTube/Lockheed

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Aerial Photos — Getting Started

Many drone pilots will begin the process of moving from just flying drones to flying drones with some purpose, and there are two directions you can go. For sports and enjoyment, many will head toward drone racing, while others will want to document their flight through photography or videos. We

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Percepto’s Drone in a Box [VIDEO]

Percepto’s “drone in a box” solution is being deployed by Enel, a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global, power, gas and renewables markets at its Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant in Italy. The multipurpose drone platform will support operation and maintenance activities at the site.

At Enel’s

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Croatia Relaxes Drone Laws

Drones and companies using drones for video and photo footage has been a boom business is Croatia over the past few years. However, due to extremely tight restrictions put in place by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) more and more calls have been coming from drone users to relax

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FPV Product Review: AKK Technology KC02 and A3 AIO

FPV is all the rage these days, and whether you’re into racing giant-scale machines, flying freestyle with a 250, or flying strictly indoors with a Whoop, you’re going to need a trusted source for good-quality FPV components. AKK Technology specializes in FPV cameras, video transmitters, and antennae, so you know

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Remote GeoSystems Launches All-New Video GeoTagger FREE & PRO with Video Mapping Support for DJI Drones, Other UAV Systems and Action Cameras

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA – Remote GeoSystems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release and availability of the brand-new Video GeoTagger™ FREE & PRO – revolutionary new tools allowing anyone to easily geotag and geospatially play back video – by simply clicking on a map. Video GeoTagger is the first

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