Two unmanned US drones crash in Somalia

These photos show the remaining pieces of the unmanned US surveillance drone and also show fighters celebrating the US loss of one of its spy drones. These picture were posted on twitter.

Another drone crashed on Saturday in Qaw, a village located 20 kilometers west of the port city of Bossasso in the northern Puntland region.

The United States claims to be targeting militants with its assassination drone attacks overseas, but reports indicate the airstrikes have mostly led to civilian casualties in Somalia and several other Muslim countries.

Anti drone activists say that Somalia does not need US interference, especially its drone programs. They say the unmanned aircraft has caused more harm than good. A security expert says that the UAVs have led to higher civilian deaths in Somalia since its inception.

A UN group report in July 2012 warned that the skies over Somalia have become so congested with drones that the unmanned aircraft pose a danger to air traffic. It described several narrowly averted disasters in which drones crashed into a large IDP and almost collided with a large passenger plane over Mogadishu.

Security analysts however say that the Obama administration is trying to achieve its military goals with minimal risk of American deaths in their so called war on terror.

Analysts say these drone attacks have proved counterproductive in many Muslim countries and have also undermined the country’s sovereignty by violating its airspace.

Senior US officials however defend Washington’s use of assassination drones, which has already led to massive civilian casualties in different Muslim countries around the world including Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

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